Student Wellbeing

Preshil takes a “whole school” approach to all mental and physical health and considers the students’ positive wellbeing as an integral part of their school experience. The Wellbeing Coordinator supports students and staff at both the Secondary Campus and the Primary Campus. This role includes supporting teaching staff to manage student wellbeing issues and the strategic planning of wellbeing initiatives, programs and interventions across Years K-12. Additionally, the Wellbeing Coordinator provides some short-term, one-on-one support to students with specific individual wellbeing needs. Please feel free to contact your child’s Year Level Coordinator or the Wellbeing Coordinator to discuss the needs of a student or about student wellbeing in general. Preshil also engages a visiting psychologist who can provide a number of one-on-one sessions to students across both campuses, following a GP referral. For enquiries please contact the office on 9817 6135.

Learning Support

The Learning Support program is two-fold. It aims to support individual and groups of students in the classroom within the framework of the International Baccalaureate of inclusive practice, and to educate our staff on ways to make necessary adjustments so all students can access education on the same basis.

Physical and Health Education

Preshil has produced many professional sports men and women however the school has never promoted fierce competition. Games are played with an emphasis on participation and enjoyment rather than competition and winning. The final score is important but soon forgotten.

Physical and outdoor education is based on a developmental approach so different activities are emphasised at different ages. There are formal games and activities as well as informal play where materials and equipment are available for use by the children. The emphasis is always to promote physical health, balanced wellbeing and a life-long enjoyment of physical and outdoor activity.

In response to student-led requests and initiative, Preshil is happy to help arrange a school team to compete in any sport. In the past, students have instigated the formation of successful Preshil basketball, skiing and cricket teams among others. Preshil does not require students to participate in competitive sport, but will support students with the desire to play competitive sport to follow their interests.