This year’s school musical will be We Will Rock You. The story is set in a futuristic society dictated by The Killer Queen and her right hand agent Khashoggi. Together they have banned the creation of music. Schoolboy Galileo hears strange words and phrases in his head and sets out with his fellow wannabe rebel Scaramouche to trace the legend of living rock, accompanied along the way by undercover legends such as Madonna and Paul Mccartney.

In contrast to previous years, this year’s musical is being run by year 11 students. The role of Director has been taken on by Lucinda Greene, Musical Director by Charlie Harrison-Dowling, Producer and Stage Management by Tahlia Dimattina and costume and set design by Liv Carlisle. With support from set-building mastermind, Anthony Cavagna and musical arrangement extraordinaire, Michelle Berner.

Our show will open on the 7th August at the Renaissance Theatre and close on the 10th. We hope to see you there!