The Preshil Council

The Corporations Act (‘the Act’) and the Constitution of the Preshil Association (‘the Constitution’),  establish that as the Board of the Preshil Association, Council has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the School is well managed and that its operations are successful.

2019 School Council Members
Andrew Apostola
Andrew McMeekin
Claire Justin
Cressida Batterham-Wilson
Doug McCurry
Emma Zipper
Fiona Cowell
George Anasson
Justin Bare
Philip Winbanks

The Preshil Association

The Preshil Association is an unlisted public company limited by guarantee whose primary objective is to provide a progressive education for children from pre-school age.
The Association owns and operates Preshil, and its members comprise parents, guardians, teachers, alumni, and friends and neighbours of Preshil.  It holds an Annual General Meeting each April or May.

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