Term One
Staff ReturnTue, 28 January
Students ReturnThu, 30 January
Labour Day HolidayMon, 9 March
Close of Term OneFri, 27 March
Easter Holidays (Two Weeks)
Term Two
Staff ReturnTue, 14 April
Students ReturnWed, 15 April
ANZAC Day HolidayMon, 27 April
Queen's Birthday HolidayMon, 8 June
Close of Term TwoFri, 19 June
Winter Holidays (Three Weeks)
Term Three
Staff ReturnMon, 13 July
Students ReturnTue, 14 July
Close of Term ThreeFri, 18 September
September Holidays (Two Weeks)
Term Four
Staff ReturnMon, 5 October
Students ReturnTue, 6 October
Mid-Term BreakMon, 2 November
Melbourne Cup HolidayTue, 3 November
Close of Term Four (Students)Tue, 8 December
Close of Term Four (Teaching Staff)Fri, 11 December