Small School Benefits

Preshil has a deliberate strategy to maintain a low student/teacher ratio and small class sizes, that allows for team teaching, collaborative learning, multi-aged groupings and strong support for individual students.

Role Models

Our Teachers are highly qualified individuals who share some fundamental qualities essential to Preshil’s approach to teaching:

  • empathy
  • a sense of humour
  • flexibility
  • passionate about learning
  • passionate concern for children
  • to be reflective
  • to be kind and patient.
  • modelling all of these behaviours for children.

We believe each teacher is unique and should be able to express his/her individuality in his or her own unique way. Teachers should possess a desire to enhance at every opportunity their own professional growth and development.

While we stress the importance of the individual’s way of teaching, it is also important to have an overview of education and Preshil’s place in the whole area of education.

Teacher | Student Relationships

Our teachers strive to provide meaningful, rich and wide ranging experiences which may be woven into the curriculum or stand alone. Preshil teachers work to build relationships of mutual acceptance and respect so that each student feels comfortable and secure in the classroom setting. Providing students opportunities to freely engage in inquiry, dialogue and discussion with both their teachers and their peers gives them the confidence to question, experiment and step outside their comfort zones to learn.

Our teachers know that the act of learning cannot take place solely through the actions of an external agent. The child is not a blank slate waiting to be written on but an active participant in the learning process who brings to the teacher/student relationship a depth of experience and a creative and intuitive mind.

A Preshil teacher endeavours to understand the behaviour of children and develops constructive and supportive relationships with them. A commitment to restorative practices and collaboration amongst all is essential.

Professional Development

Preshil recognises the rapidly changing global landscape of education by fostering our teachers passion for teaching and learning, to maintain a high quality standard of professional practice.  All our staff are offered an equal opportunity to continue to grow and build on their knowledge and skills through our Professional Development Program.

Alignment With The School’s Strategic Plan

Professional Learning is part of the broader framework of Preshil’s Strategic Plan. It aims to reflect current and projected needs of both the school and the individual by providing support for career development. It further aims to support staff in their adaptation to change and changing roles, while providing a framework upon which current educational pedagogy is built, refined and developed. This will also improve student engagement, attendance and outcomes, encouraging a culture of life-long learners.