“I have been at Preshil since I was 3 years old and literally enjoyed every day of it. From finger painting in the 5s, to building cubbies in the 6s +7s, to working with the animals in the 8s +9s, to performing the play in the 10s and 11s, I have loved it all! Arlington is a special place, it has a certain feel about it, not when you just walk in the gates but as you get to know it, as you spend some time there, it’s a complete adventure, which is what I needed as I kid, I needed to be constantly entertained which inspired me to listen and learn in the classroom.

The secondary school, Blackhall Kalimna is quite different, not in a sense of having a huge shock when I moved over but in the sense that you’re a big kid now and it’s time to start taking a little more responsibility for your future, except there’s one little thing that’s different about Preshil, no one chooses your future for you, it’s completely up to you and you’ll have strong support every step of the way from teachers and believe it or not, peers! Everybody is like a family at Preshil and I can’t stress enough how perfect it is for a child who has determination and ambition.

I am a semi-professional soccer player and have also found that Preshil helped me with my determination and that kids who want to make it in sport shouldn’t avoid Preshil because it has no competitive sport. They should come because it gives them that much needed rest time from it!”

Riley studied Physical Education, Media, Further Mathematics, English, Health and Human Development.