Kindergarten Extended Hours

We offer extended care for your child outside of the Kindergarten program hours. Children are able to attend on a casual or regular basis. The extended care program is offered at no additional cost for our Kindergarten families.

When: Before Care is from 8.00 – 8.45am and After Care is offered from 3.00 – 6.00pm.

Primary Extended Hours

The primary extended care program at Preshil aims to provide children with quality out of school hours care which is complementary to the educational philosophy at Preshil. It is located on the Primary Campus, Arlington and operates between the hours of 3.30pm and 6pm Monday to Friday. The program is coordinated by Christine White.

A registration form must be completed for any children prior to attending Aftercare. If you wish to use extended care services please complete one form per child and return them to the Arlington office. Please ensure you read our Aftercare Policy for further information.

Making A Booking

  1. To make or change a booking please call or sms the Aftercare phone number 0458 512 373 and leave a message for Chris White, alternatively you can email aftercare@preshil.vic.edu.au

Rates Per Child 2017

  • Regular: $20 per session
  • Casual: $24 per session

Cancellation Policy

The regular fee for Aftercare is a ‘booking fee’ and not a ‘user pay’ type fee. This fee will be charged whether the child attends the program or not. To assist with catering and to ensure staff know the whereabouts of your child/ren at all times, cancellations must be made by one of the above methods and directed to Chris.

Please contact extended care using the contact details provided above or the office (9817 6135) for further details regarding extended care policies and procedures

What’s On at the Primary Extended Care?

Details of the Aftercare activities planned for the week are provided on the program displayed at the scheduled venue.

Claiming The Child Care Benefit And Child Care Rebate for Primary Extended Care

Some parents may be eligible for financial assistance for the cost of after school care. There are two types of assistance: the Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Tax Rebate. The Child Care Benefit allows you to obtain a reduction in fees whilst the Child Care Tax Rebate entitles those paying for child care to claim a rebate of 50% of the amount paid. Fee reduction is means tested but the Child Care Tax Rebate is not. In other words, anyone using extended care services can claim a minimum of 50% of the fees paid with an additional discount through fee reduction if eligible.

Note that an application for the Child Care Benefit must be completed even if your income exceeds the threshold for claiming this benefit as the completion of this application is required to record your eligibility for the second option i.e. the Child Care Tax Rebate.

In order to assess your eligibility for either forms of assistance, you must complete an application form. Application forms are available from any Family Assistance Office, many of which are located in your local Medicare office. They may also be downloaded online at www.familyassist.gov.au. When completing the application, you may apply for a lump sum payment after the end of the financial year or you may apply for claims to be made quarterly.

When completing the application you will need the provider number for the program. This number is: 1-5CJXWU

You will need to provide Chris at Aftercare with the Customer Reference Number (CRN) of both the child and the family. The Family Assistance Office will assign a CRN when you request the forms and explain what you need. Chris can then enter you on the system so that your child’s/children’s attendances can be automatically collated and submitted to the Family Assistance Office for processing.