Primary STEAM Electives 2017

Our Primary students from the 5s to 11s (Prep to year 6) embark on STEAM-focussed electives. Students diligently explore their chosen subjects and develop their skills and knowledge.

Subjects on offer 2017 – Term One

❏ The Preshil Paper This elective will involve creating a new Preshil School Paper for students. Led by Preshil Art Teacher and Artist, Claire Robertson and Preshil teacher Deb Heyes

❏ Taking A Line For A Walk– The children will take their inspiration from the works of Richard Long to create their own land art. Together we will investigate the functionality of a line. Led By Preshil French teacher and Artisit Dominique Rowlands.

❏ Desiging and Sewing A Library BagLearn skills around dying, cutting and sewing and applique. Led by Preshil teachers Cressida Batterham-Wilson and Rachel Bowen.

❏ World’s Oldest Stories: Australia’s Indigenous Beginnings Learn about the rich history and traditions of the oldest civilisation in the world; discover how Aboriginal Australians live off the land without polluting it. Led by Alumna Eliana Horn.

❏ Mini SculturesYoung artists will create mini-sculptures with eco-friendly sculpture materials; maize, air-dried modelling material and found materials from nature. Led by Artist and teacher Margaret Peppard.

Discover The Storyteller Inside Of You And Experience Drama Games.A hands on experiential process where we develop a story of our own, and ultimately ‘tell’ it – to a small supportive audience. using Preshil ‘making’ principles and some simple methods of constructing and operating basic marionettes, masks and costumes. This is also a introduction to Drama. Exploring how we express ourselves physically and vocally. led by standup storyteller, illustrator and artist Charlotte Jowett and Preshil teacher, actor and drama coach Paul O’Leary.

Slow FoodPreparing, sharing and consuming food with a personal connection between the food producers and consumers. Potentially including a visit to the Wattle Park Green Grocer. Led by Preshil teacher Talitha Crawford.

Electric Guitar MakingNot all guitars need to cost the earth! In this elective we will be looking into how we can make guitars from simple and sometimes scrap materials. These ‘diddley bow’ guitars will be electric and we will also explore some of the unique sounds we can make using effects pedals. Led by Preshil teacher and Musician Jared Boyle.

Past Subjects

❏ Apothecary Science – Potions & Lotions for the Human – applying their knowledge of chemistry to test, create products to tantalise the senses.

Arduino Engineering – Programming & Electrical Circuits – using coding and Arduino electronic components to solve problems, design circuits creating movement, light and sound.

Kerbal Space Program – Virtual Rocket Design & Testing – using the KSP software, students design and fly their own rockets and explore space at the Secondary School.

Vehicle Prototyping – Design & Construction in Balsa – students develop and create working models for land, sea or sky using balsa and electrical components.

Stop motion Innovation – Plan, Create & Edit – students take on the roles of the writer, director, producer and editor, patiently crafting their animations into burgeoning short films.

Students can share their learning towards the end of the year at a ‘Maker’s Fair’ during which their learning will be on display in an exhibition-style format.