Philosophy Conference Gives Food For thought

“Students know their opinion won’t be trampled on. It’s a method of engagement where you examine something for its value and that’s an important skill in today’s world where we are bombarded with information.” Dr Lenny Robinson-McCarthy Read more….

Little People Thinking Big – The Sunday Age and Online

“At most schools a reading of Charlotte’s Web might end with a bunch of little spiders made from pipe cleaners and a few tears at the poignancy of the story itself. At Preshil independent school, the classic yarn is the stepping off point to an understanding of life cycles, problem solving and the concept of balance.” Read more….

The Age Interview – Schoolstream

“New app puts an end to sodden school notes”

An interesting article appeared in The Age on Saturday 3 May about the School Stream app developed by Preshil alumna Melissa Bridson. We were delighted to see the lovely photo of 8/9s student Clementine Rose, our Registrar Cressida Batterham-Wilson and Director of Communications and Development Bronte Howell.

Bronte worked very hard to orchestrate this article which not only exposes another very talented past student but also highlights Preshil as a school confidently using the latest innovative mode of communication to parents. Click here to read the article, or view the video featuring Bronte, Cressida and Clementine, all wonderful Preshil ambassadors, gaining valuable leverage in the marketplace not only for School Stream but also for the school.

If you are already using the app Bronte recommends you download the recent updates available. Additionally, if you have not yet downloaded the School Stream app you can do so by following these links here and here.

A Good Question: Teacher Profile

As a philosophy teacher, Lenny Robinson-McCarthy and her students grapple with life’s big questions on a daily basis. Who are we? Why are we here? What is right and what is wrong? writes Cheryl Critchley… You can read the story here.

Primary Force: Preshil’s Lyttle Legacy

Margaret ‘Mug’ Lyttle inspired some of Melbourne’s leading artists. Now they’re putting on a show in her honour, writes Joanne Sim… Read the article here

Year 9 Dilemma – Sunday Age Magazine

Shaping Individuals
“The philosophy of Preshil, The Margaret Little Memorial School in Kew, is that students are all individuals with unique talents, and their learning styles should be catered for accordingly.” Read the article here

Beyond Exams

Melbourne Child Magazine talks to Alistair Rayner on Preshil’s reputation for encouraging creativity in its students and teaching methods, and how its working with Melbourne University’s Assessment Research Centre Online Testing System (ARCOTS)… Read the article here

Architecture – Habitus Magazine Feature June

“Kevin Borland’s vibrantly innovative series of buildings for the Preshil school have lost none of their charm and continue to complement the educational philosophies they are host to”.

Read the article here

Dovetailing Into Demand For Quality

Anton Gerner (Alumni) A craftsman goes against the grain, creating timeless furniture a world away from the superstore flat-pack. read the article here. Read more about Anton Gerner here

Students Have A Say

School conference tackles the big-picture issues…

Read the article here

Aiming For Gold In Body And Mind

Lauren Burns, 37, is a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. …..”I’d change nothing as I loved Preshil and the wonderful friendships I developed”.

Read the article here

Where Children Rule In A Spirit Of Progress

Melbourne’s original progressive school, Preshil, marks 80 years of giving students the chance to set the agenda, writes Adam Carey…

Read the article here

School Of Thought

“When architect Kevin Borland was commissioned to design a hall for the progressive independent school Preshil, he learnt the power of students and teachers solving problems together…”

Read the article here

Life Cycle: Preshil

Five decades after construction began on Kevin Borland’s Preshil School, the project continues to set a benchmark for innovative education design …

Read the article here

Updated Letter to The Preshil Community October 2016

John McMillan Case

Updated Letter to The Preshil Community August 2016

John McMillan Case

Letter to The Preshil Community February 2016

John McMillan Case