At Preshil we have teachers who know every child and who go out of their way to cater to their needs, in an environment which is welcoming, designed to encourage them to play, question and invent, rather than to control and conform.

Our fees are significantly lower than most other private schools. Preshil families do not pay for vast sporting fields and facilities, cared for by armies of maintenance workers. We have a very high ratio of teachers to students which allows team teaching, individual attention, highly qualified specialists and significant time for teachers to plan. We have a generous budget for teacher professional development, but we do not have a big marketing department or large numbers of administrative staff. We offer a very broad program made possible by running many smaller classes.

Most significantly Preshil is a small school with the capacity and determination to offer a rich, progressive and challenging education reliant on outstanding teachers. Our budget does not benefit from the economy of scale that underpins all mass production and quality assured mediocrity. One size in education does not fit all and your child at Preshil will not be expected to grow into an oversized, expensive, uniform or shrink to fit a standardized, pre-packaged curriculum.

Below is our schedule of fees for 2017:




Tuition Fee Term Year
Three and Four year olds
Program A – Monday and Tuesday $1800 $7200
Program B – Thursday and Friday $1800 $7200
Program A plus Wednesday $2700 $10800
Program B plus Wednesday $2700 $10800
Program C – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday $3600 $14400
Program D – 5 Full days $3600 $14400

Please note there will be a change to the Programs for 2018 as per the table below:

PROGRAMS 2018 3 Yr Olds 4 Yr Olds
Program A – Wednesday and Friday ( 2 days)  Yes Not Available
Program B – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (3 days) Yes Yes
Program C – 5 Full Days Yes Yes

Kindergarten Materials Fee

This levy will cover all software license fees, consumable items, photocopying and art materials.

Composite Fee Term Year
Kindergarten $130 $520

Enrolment Fee

Enrolment Circumstances Fee
Entering the Kindergarten $700
 Our Kindergarten program is fully integrated into our Primary School. As such all new enrolments into the
Kindergarten are required to provide a non-refundable security bond of $3350 (equivalent to current term fees for Prep).
This bond will be offset against your child’s Term 4 Prep fees.

Extended Care

Level Fee
Kindergarten Before Care (8.00 – 8.45 am) Included in Tuition Fee
Kindergarten Aftercare (3.00 – 6.00 pm) Included in Tuition Fee



Primary School

Tuition Fee Term Year
5s (prep) $3350 $13400
6s – 7s (Years 1 & 2) $3940 $15760
8s – 9s (Years 3 & 4) $4400 $16400
10s – 11s (Years 5 & 6) $4250 $17000

Primary School Materials Fee

This levy will cover all software license fees, stationery items, photocopying, textbooks and art materials. Excursions and incursions will be charged per event as they arise.

Materials Fee Term Year
5 Year Olds $175 $700
6-9 Year Olds $230 $920
10-11 Year Olds $245 $980

Enrolment Fee

Enrolment Circumstances Fee
Entering Primary School (5s upwards) $1500
Maximum per family $3000

Extended Care

Level Fee
Prep to 11s (Year 6) Aftercare Only (3.15 – 6.00 pm) $20 Permanent | $25 Casual

Secondary School

Tuition Fee Term Year
Years 7 and 8 $4940 $19760
Years *9 and 10 $5200 $20800
Years 11 and 12 $6050 $24200

Year 9 Experience

 *Fee Year
*Year 9 $2650

Secondary School Materials Fee

A Composite Fee is charged to cover software license fees, years 7 to 10 Elective Program, class consumables, photocopying and general art materials. Excursions and incursions will be charged, per event, as they arise.

Materials Fee Term Year
Years 7 and 8 $290 $1160
Years 9 and 10 $290 $1160
Years 11 $290 $1160
Years 12 $290 $1160

Extra charges will be billed for textbooks and camps. An extra levy on some subjects: Art (VCE only), Photography and Drama. The teaching staff will advise these charges during this year. GST may apply to some charges.

Enrolment Fee

Enrolment Circumstances Fee
Entering Secondary School (one student) $1750
Maximum per family $3000


Secondary Electives Program

Many costs of the program are subsidised by the program budget however some subjects have extra associated costs for special equipment, materials, excursion/incursion fees and transport as required.


Private Music Tuition

Private Music Tuition Fees are charged by Tutors and will be billed to your account by the school.

Parent Co-curricular Music Guide 2017

Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Fees

The enrolment fee is payable within 14 days of accepting a place at Preshil. This enrolment fee is non-refundable.


School fees and charges are payable strictly on receipt of invoice. A term’s notice in writing is required before withdrawal of a student, otherwise a term’s fees will be charged. Late payments will incur a $50 charge per student per month until payment is received.


Annual Payment of Fees in Advance

Please contact the Business Manager to find out what discounts are available for paying in advance.

Family Discounts

The discount structure that applies in 2017 for families with three or more children attending concurrently;

  • 3rd child attending will receive a discount – 50% off the tuition fee per term
  • 4th child attending will receive a discount – 100% off the tuition fee per term.
  • Families who receive a bursary or fee remission will not receive the family discount.