All parents and guardians are part of the social fabric of the school community. We’re the volunteers behind BBQs, festivals, working bees and talking about parenting issues. New volunteers are always welcomed!

Most Preshil people work, study or have ageing parents as well as children filling their lives so we try to evolve a parents’ system that’s flexible and supportive enough to let people come and go as they are able.

The Preshil Parents’ Group

All parents are automatically members ot the Preshil Parents’ Group. The Preshil Parent’s Group is NOT the Preshil Association, although many often misname one for the other.

Parents’ group meetings can be initiated by any interested parent who wishes to arrange a get together of parents, be it for social reasons, discussing ideas for activities or events that may be of interest to the parent body or organising fund raising events for specific school projects. Some of the activities initiated and continued with parent input include Doo Dahs, working bees, the Winter Solstice, cartooning days, puppet shows and adolescent health talks. Meetings can be advertised by posters, the e-Bulletin, word of mouth, class reps and the school email system. If you are interested in organising an event or have ideas for contributing to the school, please contact Bronte in the Communications Office: (03) 9817 6135 or email

The Parents’ Group has a bank account into which any funds raised can be deposited and from which funds may be available to assist with event planning. For information about using the bank account please contact Irene in the office on (03) 9817 6135

Over many years, the Preshil Parents’ Group has contributed significantly to the welfare of the school. Preshil’s founder, Margaret Lyttle, knew that it was through the attitudes and relationships of parents, children and teachers that much of the success came and that where there was mutual trust and respect and acceptance in child-teacher relationships, the results were far reaching. She often said that the worth of a good syllabus, buildings and equipment was dependent on the human relationships in the school community. It was this, and Preshil’s strong sense of destiny for itself and its children, that parents and friends wished to keep.

– Preamble from the old Parents’ Group Constitution

Parent Class Representatives

Each class has up to three parents who volunteer at the start of each year to act as class representatives. Some of the tasks undertaken by class reps include the organisation of social events, working bees, assisting at open days and our traditional end-of-term parties (Doo Dahs). They can also act as a communication channel between teachers and parents as necessary.