Dr Gideon Boaz

Senior Lecturer Monash Law and Senior Legal Advisor to the UN.

Lauren Burns

Taekwondo Olympic Gold Medallist, Naturapath Nutritionist (BHSc).

Professor Peter Singer


Kaiya Jones

Australian actress, known for The Saddle Club and Neighbours

Clare Bowditch

Musician, winner of Best Female Artist award at 2006 ARIAS

Sunday Sommerfeld

Cohort 2012

Jordan Bailey Oakley

Cohort 2012

Matthew Topp

Cohort 2012

Louise Davidson

Cohort 1984

Anton Gerner

Cohort 1987

Riley Phillips

Cohort 2015

More great journeys that began as Preshil.


Professor, La Trobe University Law School and Senior Legal Officer to the UN.

Dr Gideon Boas worked for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia for nine years and was the Court’s principal lawyer on the Milosevic case. Among his many achievements, he has published six books and many articles on International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Preshil instilled in Gideon the confidence to do what he felt was right. Your child can make a real difference too.


Taekwondo Olympic Gold Medallist, Naturapath Nutritionist (BHSc).

Lauren Burns created sporting history when she won the first Olympic medal for Taekwondo at the Sydney Games. Lauren is a Naturopath, a highly sought-after speaker and runs her own business – ‘Love Your Planet’ – an eco-friendly Zip Bag business. Preshil helped Lauren develop the focus and determination necessary to become an Olympic champion. What heights could your child reach?

“I loved Preshil and the wonderful friendships i developed”


Architect and Young Business Woman of the Year.

While still in her final year studying Architecture at RMIT and just 24 years old, Zahava Elenberg co-established architecture firm, Elenberg Fraser. Her first project was the 26 level Liberty Tower. She later created two successful new businesses and balances a busy career with motherhood. Preshil gave Zahava the determination, initiative and belief in herself to aim high. What dreams will your child have?


Awarded Prix de la Photographic.

Photographer Steph Tout has won various national and international awards for her unique art. She is best known for her pinhole work – panoramic montages taken with a camera made from a biscuit tin – and has exhibited in Parliament House and New York. Preshil provided the support and environment for Steph to nurture her talents. What gifts will your child bestow upon the world?


Independent Publisher.

Co-founder and Creative Director of Melbourne’s Sleepers Publishing, Zoe Dattner has enjoyed a distinguished career. She passionately believes in the capabilities of the small press sector to give a voice to new writers and storytellers. At Preshil, Zoe developed the skills and was given confidence to turn her passion into a vocation. Imagine your child making a career out of something they love.


Premier’s Literary Award for Poetry.

A gift that was nurtured at Preshil has taken Lisa Gorton on a spectacular path. Studies in literature led her to a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford where she completed a Doctorate in Literature. Her first poetry collection won the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Poetry. She is also the author of Cloudland and published in three countries. Where will your child’s journey take them?


Education Researcher.

With a love of learning that was fostered at Preshil, Ben Cleveland found his passion for education. An experienced primary and secondary school teacher, Ben’s research focuses on the design of learning environments that support contemporary educational philosophies – such as those found at Preshil. Ben creates innovative ways to educate young minds. What will your child create?


Furniture Designer.

Designer and maker of highly original fine furniture, Anton Gerner blurs the line between art and function. He is also a regular contributor for Australian Wood Review. Anton’s love of creation began at Preshil where he discovered a passion and unquestionable skill for woodworking. Preshil allowed him to uncover his potential. What will your child discover?

Alumni Reflections

Maxim Bonifacio Cohort 2015

“My experience at Preshil has been warm, to say the least. I’ve been a student here for a lengthy amount of time (since I was three or four – I can’t recall) and even since the early years it has felt like a special place. My memories of the primary school are of running around playing huge games of tag, building (maybe just slightly dangerous) tree houses and playing AFL & soccer on the tan bark field – things I will, no doubt, remember.

The secondary school is a different story – while there is less play and more work, it’s still a great place at fruit and lunch. The small class sizes means that everyone has many chances to interact and learn from the teachers, which has made it so much better. I will definitely be remembering all of my friends & teachers from this great school.”

Max studied Mathematical Methods, Physics, Literature, Philosophy and VET Music Technical Production

Jasper Miles Cohort 2015

“Ever since I arrived at Preshil when I was five years old, Preshil has felt like home and a place where I can be myself. I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t always the easiest to teach, but Preshil, the teachers and also my peers always allowed me space, and always came up with creative tasks for me to do throughout the day. Whether it was a maths puzzle to keep me busy or just plain old cubby building there was always something to do and keep me engaged. As I progressed through Preshil, it became time to really buckle down and get some work done, especially throughout these later years.

The transition from the relaxed and creative feeling of Arlington and Kalimna to the studious nature of Blackhall came as quite a shock to me, but Preshil and the teachers helped guide me through it, It’s these teachers that really care about their students, and who take time out of their busy schedules to help the kids is what makes Preshil different. The teachers and students all interact at an equal, and instead of fending for ourselves, each teacher and student helps each other with all different aspects of their experience.”

Jasper studied Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Media, Physics and English.

Edward Marschall Cohort 2015

“When i was very little [read 3] I was at Preshil and I loved it, to this day I can still remember running around with my friends pretending to be Batman and riding bikes. Even though I left Preshil for primary school every year I would come back around ANZAC day when my school and Preshil had different days off and spend a day with my old friends from kindergarten. As primary school ended and I had to decide what high school to go to and, with the help of my parents, I decided that Preshil would once again be the place for me: somewhere that I could question why we did what we were doing (much to the frustration of my teachers at some points) and actually get answers from them that would help me be determined to take control of my own education.”

Ed studied Biology, Physics, Mathematics Methods, Literature and Philosophy. He completed his Year 12 Chemistry last year.

Riley Phillips Cohort 2015

“I have been at Preshil since I was 3 years old and literally enjoyed every day of it. From finger painting in the 5s, to building cubbies in the 6s +7s, to working with the animals in the 8s +9s, to performing the play in the 10s and 11s, I have loved it all! Arlington is a special place, it has a certain feel about it, not when you just walk in the gates but as you get to know it, as you spend some time there, it’s a complete adventure, which is what I needed as I kid, I needed to be constantly entertained which inspired me to listen and learn in the classroom.

The secondary school, Blackhall Kalimna is quite different, not in a sense of having a huge shock when I moved over but in the sense that you’re a big kid now and it’s time to start taking a little more responsibility for your future, except there’s one little thing that’s different about Preshil, no one chooses your future for you, it’s completely up to you and you’ll have strong support every step of the way from teachers and believe it or not, peers! Everybody is like a family at Preshil and I can’t stress enough how perfect it is for a child who has determination and ambition.

I am a semi-professional soccer player and have also found that Preshil helped me with my determination and that kids who want to make it in sport shouldn’t avoid Preshil because it has no competitive sport. They should come because it gives them that much needed rest time from it!”

Riley studied Physical Education, Media, Further Mathematics, English, Health and Human Development.

Maya Ine McGuigan  – Stevenson Cohort 2015

“My experience at Preshil has been amazing. I’ve been at the school since I was 5 and went to another school for a few months prior. The system I found at Preshil would encourage my ability to question and create. They were flexible when I was ill and I could always feel welcome even if I had been away. The move from primary to secondary wasn’t as hard as I thought, helping to build my confidence from there.

Maya studied Biology, English, Mathematical Methods, Studio Arts and VET Certificate 2 Animal Studies.