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Preshil Students Shine at VCE Art Exhibition


The VCE Arts students welcomed their community to come and view the culmination of their year’s hard work. Commencing on the 19th October, the Exhibition was as awe-inspiring as it was brilliant.

What differentiates Preshil art students from others is their progressive approach to new trends in the art world and to new and challenging concepts. Across their schools (and honed in 2017), students developed skills that promoted their evolution as emerging contemporary artists, culminating in what was a really successful art exhibition.

As teachers, it brings us enormous satisfaction to see students striving to fulfil their creative potential, and through their artistic processes learn to solve problems, and deepen their self-understanding. Each and every student in VCE Arts subjects this year has strived to fulfill their artistic vision, and each has identified rich concepts to explore through their work that are unique and authentic to them as individuals.

Our students have shown unwavering dedication to the enormous amount of work required, and have demonstrated great commitment not just in year 12, but over the course of their secondary education. As a result, the exhibition marked the pinnacle of not just one year, but many years of creative development in the Arts.

We congratulate all of the students on their commitment to the work, and thank all of our wonderful parents and guardians who have supported from home. We would also like to thank eminent artist and Preshil parent, Stephen Bram for his insightful words and reflections as our guest speaker.
Anna Williams & Michael Hawkins

View the extraordinary works from our wonderful VCE students here.