2017 Production - UnMurdered | Preshil
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A group made up of students from years seven, nine and ten will be performing in Preshil’s 2017 Secondary School Production, supported by teachers Paul, Karoline and Michelle (and of course the student body). Michelle has kindly written a few amazing songs for the production, and the set has been designed and constructed by the Year Nine design class.

Brainstorming began last year when students and teachers came together to workshop the backbone of the production; themes, plot lines and characters. Then at the beginning of the year a script for UnMurdered was distributed. Set in the 1920s, it is about a young writer suffering from writer’s block who attends an artists’ retreat where an unexpected murder takes place.

Teachers and students have dedicated the last eight months to developing their characters and rehearsing the production. Now in the final stages of preparation, the cast were fortunate to attend a three day Production Camp in Daylesford where they put in an extraordinary amount of time and effort to consolidate their understanding of the production; lines, songs, choreography, characters, scenes and blocking among others!

The cast are to be commended on their mutual respect for and encouragement of one another. Their independent thinking, kindness and diligence has been clear to those working with them and the harmony with which they operate is evident in their performance.

The Production opens at Emulation Hall in Canterbury on the 8th November, with an encore performance on the 9th November. Tickets are now on sale here via Trybooking.