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Arlington Slow Food Excursion To Collingwood Children’s Farm

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On Friday 25th August, the Arlington Slow Food Cooking elective group went to visit the Collingwood Children’s farm to think about how our food comes from the paddock to the plate. Our lovely guide Toni, showed us around the farm, let us taste veggies and herbs from the garden patch, showed us how to feed the animals and let us brush the cow as she was being milked.

The children loved the morning session and their reflections on the visit included…

“The food was tasty. Toni was really nice to us and gave us a tour of the orchard and the gardens.”
“I liked the peacocks because they had a really cool tail.”
“I liked the horse called Zac as he was very cute. I liked picking all of the vegetables and tasting them.”
“I liked the cats as they were really cute.”
“I liked feeding the animals.”
“The goats were shaggy and ate anything. I fed them and when we finished feeding them the grains, I fed them grass.”