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Visiting Artist Aliça Bryson Haynes

Alica Artist Visit

The 5s, 6s and 7s Art class had a very special visitor on Tuesday, 15th August. Ceramist Aliça Bryson Haynes from RARA Studio joined us in the Treehouse studio where she showed the children photos of her studio and revealed all the beautiful ceramics in her box of treasures. The children had a lot of questions for Aliça…

“How do you make it so creative… so beautiful? How do you get your ideas? Is it a secret?” – Gabriel
“Why did you call it RARA studios?” – Banjo
“How long have you been making clay and where did you buy your paint?” – Toby
“How did you come up with the idea of starting to make clay?” – Lochie

The 5s showed Aliça how they could roll out clay evenly and she demonstrated how you can use gum nuts, rocks and other things from nature as stamps.

The 6s and 7s have been working on pinch pot bells. Aliça worked with the children to continue to develop their technique while chatting to them about ceramics and art. She taught us a secret trick to making the perfect bead.

Aliça is a multidisciplinary visual artist, collector and maker with a love for natural materials and objects, especially the look and feel of handmade work. She’s drawn to the unexpected beauty and wonderment that surrounds us in our everyday lives and in nature. Aliça works from her studio in Thornbury, Melbourne, Australia with her three studio helpers, Teti (dog), Claudia and Sybil (cats).