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By February 29, 2016 Blogs, Secondary Campus News

“Preshil believes that providing children with the choice to follow their own interests leads to a more compelling and rewarding learning experience …”

This year the Electives Program is running on a Tuesday, periods 3 and 4 to accommodate our new Design Program. The term started right from the get-go. Being a short term we didn’t get a chance to do our regular show and tell, however the students are clearly enjoying their chosen elective.

Each term the program offers students choices from a variety of subject areas including Sport and Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing, Community and School Partnerships and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). You can read more about STEAM in Marilyn’s latest news here.

During Careers some students noted that they have been pursuing university courses for subjects they first became interested in through an Elective; eg, Engineering, Photography, Electronics, Filmmaking and Art.

We are kicking off this year with a special community project to create and publish a Preshil Cookbook. The aim is to create an “edible patchwork” of our stories, tastes and culture. Students, led by Nerel Ezra, have began in earnest to research, design and collate recipes for the final book. They are also running a little contest on Instagram to win a cookbook. You will be entered automatically when you like their posts each week. So follow us on Instagram at preshilkew for your chance and please remember to share it!!

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This Cookbook elective dovetails wonderfully well with our Kitchen Garden Elective led by John Collins where students from both electives get the opportunity to test and taste recipes as they receive them and finalise the choices for the published book.

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The popular Arduino programming elective continues to give students the opportunity to explore the world of programming, opening up many possibilities in the realms of robotics, sensors, lighting, data logging, motion control and much more. Students learn how they can use these applications in other subjects like Science or Chemistry. Students use the ‘Preshil Shield’, designed by Karl specifically for teaching. The shield is another way students can learn to control leds and speakers to make light and sound without having to solder. The students are undeterred by complexity, integration and sometimes with little understanding of technology in detail, they continue to challenge themselves.

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Scott, from The Robots are Coming, returns for another term of all things CAD and 3d printing. This elective gives students the chance to learn the basics of 3D printing and everything from introductory to advanced. Students use a variety of 3D Cad packages including Tinkercad, Thingiverse, and Onshape. Scott’s sessions focus on collaborative problem solving and challenges students to develop their ability to innovate or iterate.

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Art Projects with June McKenzie

Each term students have the opportunity to create a diverse and creative body of work for new and or ongoing individual projects. Projects include sketching, painting, writing, design, sculpture and clay modelling. They also get to attend at least one have excursions to the Hawthorn Art Gallery. This term they visit the exhibition “Reducing Landscapes” by Fred Williams and “Dialect” by a variety of artists. Students will learn how every artist has their own style and visual language. “When paint is moved from brush to canvas, the mark made is like a type of handwriting, particular to each artist.”

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Minions with Adam Simon

Adam leads the students through the fundamental understanding of how computers, networks and servers work and interact; as well as the ability to identify and troubleshoot PC, network and server issues. In this class students will work together to build a functioning server, build a network, connect client machines to the network, administrate and troubleshoot issues to keep the system stable. Students research different aspects of IT including subjects like the pros and cons of Mac versus Microsoft and presents it back to the other students at the end of each lesson. This helps to consolidate and share their understanding about what they have learned.

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Poetry with Kate Ellis

This wonderful exploration of Poetry dedicates time for exploring many definitions of poetry as well as how to write your own poems. Information will also be provided as to where you can have your work read or published in the world outside of school including past opportunities like publishing your own Zine. Students have been learning about and experimenting with Erasure and Blackout Poetry. A creative way to create poetry which focuses on rearranging words to create a different meaning. Also known as newspaper blackout poetry, students use a permanent marker to cross out or eliminate whatever words or images they see as unnecessary or irrelevant to the effect they are seeking to create. The central idea is to devise a completely new text from previously published words and images, which the reader is free to interpret as they wish.

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Tenpin Bowling with Louis Pittas

You may or may not have read that Ten Pin Bowling has one of the longest and richest histories of all sports, dating back approximately 4,000 years ago to Greece and Rome. It also helps promote muscle exercise of the lower body and throwing the bowling ball and hitting the pins requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination, stimulating mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. Students also get to enjoy the fun social aspects of the sport.

Tennis with Bill Madafferi

Each term Bill has provided coaching for all ages and skill levels. Bill teaches all ages and levels in a relaxed and encouraging environment making it easy for students to enjoy their tennis as they learn the various disciplines of the game.

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Lawn Bowls with Richard Gale

Richard continues this term to teach the students more about this highly skilled sport in all aspects including delivery technique, shot play skills, tactical skills and mental game skills.

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We look forward to another great year of elective offerings and are proud to say we have been able to offer this unique but not exhaustive list:
ETextiles, Fashion Illustration, Ceramics, Publishing, Photography, Textiles, Barista, 3D Printing, 3D Photography, Arduino, Bootcamp, Street Art, Electronics, Woodwork, The Art of Pastry, Philosophy, Kitchen Garden, Minecraft Education, Poetry, Fencing, Journalism, Visual Storytelling, Swimming, Ten Pin Bowls, Clay, Scultpure, Lawn Bowls, Yoga & Mindfullness, Writers Club, Songwriting, Art Projects, Soccer, Retro Gaming, Music Videos, Glass Making, Music Industry 101, Acting For Industry 101, Rocket Science, Taekwondo, Web Design, Film Appreciation, Tennis, Zines, Theatre Sports, Self Defence, many more …

The Electives Program enables students to:

• make choices about their learning
• work at their own level on small projects
• explore a diversity of experiences and approaches
• engage with tasks that interest them and develop a positive attitude to learning
• plan what they will do by setting short-term goals
• locate resources required for the task
• develop a sense of personal responsibility and accountability
• communicate and work with their teachers/peers
• ask questions
• use ‘self-talk’ to verbalise their thinking processes, thoughts and feelings
• take risks with their learning
• make mistakes and learn from them
• encounter problems and develop practical/creative strategies to solve them
• persist with the task and follow it through to a conclusion
• manage their time
• build on previous learning
• reflect on their learning
• use knowledge gained as the basis for future learning.

The Courage Book


“From the earliest years, children at Preshil are encouraged to choose. In the 5s this takes the form of a simple “choosing time” where children can decide how to engage themselves for the next part of the day. In later years, children are encouraged to choose and pursue one or more special interests…This tradition of choosing special projects and electives continues throughout the school.
Preshil believes that providing children with the choice to follow their own interests leads to a more compelling and rewarding learning experience for both child and teacher. By taking ownership of their education children invest more of themselves and are more motivated to learn.
By learning to make their own choices in ever more significant ways, children begin to learn the importance of making good choices and taking responsibility for them. When children can understand that their every action is the product of a choice they themselves make, whether consciously or unconsciously, they become more empowered to direct their own lives.
By choosing to pursue their own interests children solidify their unique strengths and the growing expertise that will aid them in their later studies, as well as in their vocations as adults.”

The Courage Book

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