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Music Blog Week 5

By August 14, 2015 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama
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By Georgia Goodall, Year 10

It’s been a busy week for music in the Preshil community.

Tuesday saw the second Soiree of Term 3. Even though it was held at 8.00am, we had a great turnout and a full list of performances, including a piano duet by the talented Dante and Josh, and an awesome piano and drum performance of The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night by Isaac and Dylan. Needless to say, it was a great way to start the morning!

Also this week, Year 10 student Ella and Year 7 band The Stellas have been given the opportunity to record a song! The recordings will be entered into the 10th Annual Art Exhibition of the Independent Schools of Victoria, giving the girls a chance to showcase their work. Good luck!

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