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Planet of the Apes: Lisa Roet Artist in Residence Project

By April 15, 2015 Artist in Residence 2015, Blogs

It is with great pleasure and excitement that the school can announce that the 2015 Preshil 10s and 11s (Grade 5&6) class have been awarded a $10,000 Arts Victoria ‘Artist in Schools’ grant.

World renowned visual artist Lisa Roet will work with the 10s and 11s children for seventeen days over Term Two as an Artist in Residence. Additionally, she will work with Preshil teachers for three days of professional development in the lead up to the project.

‘Planet of the Apes’ is a multimedia art project which will investigate humans relationship with the environment and our closest living relatives – Primates.

Lisa has worked alongside some of the world’s top Primatologists and her role in this project will be as a catalyst, resource and guide, sharing cutting edge scientific research and demonstrating and sharing new materials and techniques for creating artworks.

Lisa will discuss the impacts of deforestation and the rapid evolution of the human race, to provoke debate amongst children and teachers about sustainability. Lisa will share her own cross-disciplinary art practice and introduce the key understanding–that art can serve as a tool for social action and that children, through art, can have a voice.

As a group we will question ‘Are we animals?’ and ‘What is our place in the world?’. We will discover that what we do in our everyday lives has consequences beyond the boundaries of home, school or country borders. As a school

The 10s and 11s will explore new-media technologies, 2D-and-3D art practices, drama skills (with a focus on body language and acting from instinct) and writing genres (such as persuasive writing, debate and speech writing) in a range of open-ended workshops. These experiences, along with think-tanks, debates and excursions will act as a framework for our project in which each child will be supported to pursue independent thinking and their own areas of interest.

To conclude the project Lisa will film an improvised performance piece created by the students as a video work. This outcome will emphasise the process, encouraging students to freely express themselves in many ways, limited only by imagination.

♦ The Project will provide a wealth of opportunities for both students and the school community, including:

♦ Artist Q&A by invite Wednesday 29 April

♦ Engineering and robotics workshop hosted by Latrobe University School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

♦ Group think-tanks where Lisa will share her experiences of working with scientists and environmentalists in Southeast Asia

♦ 3D printing workshop with ‘The Robots Are coming’ to investigate 3D CAD modeling, 3D scanning and crowdsourced design

♦ Presentation by Laura Hunt from The Orangutan Project (TOP), the world’s foremost not-for-profit organisation, supporting Orangutan conservation and rainforest protection

♦ Excursion to Melbourne Zoo to interview Primatologists

♦ Drama workshops to experiment with expressive performance skills

♦ Excursions to the newly renovated Preshil ‘Blackbox Theatre’ to test performance ideas in a professional environment

♦ Large-scale drawing workshops using the newly constructed 10s and 11s classroom drawing wall

♦ Writing workshops to plan, write and publish a persuasive text

♦ Group debates where children will have an opportunity to voice their opinions and propose ideas, including whole school forums

We look forward to sharing future updates throughout the term.