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Music Blog Week 3

By February 18, 2015 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

I am very pleased to share with our community that in 2014 Preshil children, performing in Count Us In, were among the largest ever singing community in Australia. Arlington children gathered in late October to perform the Count Us In Song that we had all learnt and joined over 600,000 other school students singing at the same time. What a buzz! Count Us In were so amazed by the involvement of so many children that they sent us a certificate. Well Done kids!

As I am sure you are all aware, ensemble rehearsals are back in action! Please get involved and join us in the fun of making music together. If you play an instrument or sing, being part of a group is important for personal progress and development. Come and check out our groups anytime.

While there is a huge variety of ensembles available, we are always keen to hear about what other groups people would like to see.

Work in Sections – This week’s practice tip encourages you to work on tricky things in small sections. Don’t play through everything everyday but rather work on small sections that cause you trouble. Go on, give it a try!

Music Notes – This app allows you to exercise note recognition. It is fun and simple and a great way to develop note reading skills. Give it a go and try it!


Catherine Wood (Piano/Keyboard)
Strictly Ballroom (Music Theatre)
Her Majesties Theatre, Melbourne

Atilla Kuti (Violin)
Saturday 21 February 7.30pm
Arcko Symphonic Ensemble Concert (a feast of new classical compositions)
Church of all Nations, 180 Palmerston Street, Carlton

Friday 13 March 8.00pm
RAAH Project Cd Launch (a fusion of classical, electronica, hip hop and jazz)
Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre, Melbourne

Saturday 21 February Music Festival
Soundwave, Flemington Racecourse

Saturday 21 February – 7.00pm Bohemian Rhapsodies
MSO Sydney Myer Music Bowl Free Concert

Sunday 22 February Music Festival
Soundwave, Flemington Racecourse

Sunday 22 February Rock and Pop
Spiderbait at the Melbourne Zoo

Sunday 22 February – 7.00pm Punk
ScotDrakula at the John Curtain Hotel