Summer Sol Wrap | 2014 Music Festival | Preshil
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Summer Sol Wrap | 2014 Music Festival

By December 15, 2014 Blogs, Events News

Summer Sol Wrap
by Nerel Ezra, Fundraising Coordinator.

I think everyone will agree that our first Summer Sol Music Festival was a big hit. Our kids had a ball with all the activities, while parents and staff alike took a moment out of their busy schedule to enjoy good company, great food and an assortment of local entertainers.

Simply by being there, you all contributed to a wonderful afternoon, however there is a long list of people who need to be thanked.

Firstly, we thank Noel Crombie who meticulously organised marquees, staging, audio equipment, sound, lighting and band management. Noel has been a parent of Preshil since his eldest child started in the Nursery 18 years ago. Although his youngest daughter has just finished VCE, we are confident that Noel will continue to be a presence at Preshil. I have already got a quiet nod that he’ll be back to light the fire at Winter Solstice.

Thanks also go to the Planning Team who met each Tuesday morning throughout Term 4. Prue Ottey, Susan Wildermuth and Jansy Robinson were instrumental in steering the direction of Summer Sol. Thanks also to Katrina Holmes a Court and Karoline Kuti who guided the team along the way.

Such an amazing event does not come together without many parents who donate their time and give generously. In true Preshil spirit, this list is extensive so hopefully no quiet achiever has been missed.

Tony Hunt, our Sound Engineer, took the day off work to be there from set up early on Friday until late in the evening. We are extremely grateful.
Cathy Bibby, Phil Marzella, Lysa Wheelan, Chevelle Alderton, Lisa Lloyd and their families not only gave generously of their time but also provided tremendous financial assistance. The school thanks you for your kindness.

It was so lovely to see the students in Years 7 – 9, crowding around Spiros during their lunch break as he carefully tended the spit roast. I am sure you will all agree, his feast was fabulous. Thank you!

I also enjoyed seeing children of all ages sitting in our quiet reading tent throughout the evening. Thank you to Charlotte Jowett for making this happen.

Special thanks to James Morrison who became a general “go to man” on the day, running errands, hanging bunting, lugging tables and then stood behind a BBQ all afternoon flipping corn. Big thanks also go to Troy Wass who cooked sausages for 4 hours without a break and without complaint – a job well done!

Thanks to Lisa Moyle for her fabulous baking and to so many other families for their delicious contributions.

For those parents who manned stalls and helped set up, thanks to Eva Lee, Mel & Glenn Bowen, Pascale Gomes-McNabb, Allona Goren, Olga Hunt, Charlotte & Jonathon Harrison, Sam & Elizabeth Golding, Prue Ottey, Paul Talbot, Daniel Klotz, Atilla Kuti, George, Sophie & Irene Nikolaidis, Georgie Govenlock, Donna Coutts, Tahlee Campese, Kathy Thompson, Georgie Williams, Alistair Rayner and Katrina Holmes a Court.

Here’s looking forward to next year!