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Activities Blog Term 4 Part One

By December 5, 2014 Blogs, Electives Program News

In this activity, we have tried to figure out the ingredients needed to live a meaningful life. Of course, everyone has something to say! This includes famous thinkers throughout history. But we also practiced listening to each respectfully – and more importantly, giving reasons to agree or disagree respectfully. Each and every student was able to help figure out what we’d discuss each week, and we covered important things such as: entertainment, how much money is necessary, the relationship between humans and other animals, what’s special about human beings, and how we interact with different people in our lives. We even looked at worries about the increasing price of chocolate – or, how for just a few dollars you can save a life instead! While there might not be one answer, we are all now much closer to a meaningful answer than we were at the start of term.

Cooking Cultures
Each term this activity looks at cooking cuisine from different cultures. Exploring the traditions and history of cultural celebrations. We plenty of opportunities to sample traditional foods and cook recipes from around the world.

Acting for Industry
It’s been a goosebumps filled first three weeks for us in Acting for Industy, a course designed to teach students what it’s like to work as an actor professionally. We’ve learnt what it’s like to audition for film and rejection, how to break down a script and learn lines and we’ve talked about the necessity of listening as an actor as well as working as part of an ensemble.

Our week three was a great highlight with actress Marny Kennedy joining us to provide some insight about life as an actor, the good times and bad.
Marny won an AFI at age 11 for her role in series Mortified and continued with roles in shows as The Saddle Club and Conspiracy 365. Marny was so generous with her time and wisdom and stayed on another hour to answer everyone’s questions (as well as get in a few photos). It was a true pleasure for us as well as her. She loved the school and was so impressed by the students.

3D Printing
You may remember at the end of last term Preshil is now the proud owner of a new UP Mini 3D Printer. Thank you to the Preshil Eagles team for their great win who made this happen. This term the advanced group were working on building a Choc-o-rama 3d printer of their own and learning more advanced CAD techniques using Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAD Software. The take up of this activity was so large this term we split the group in 2 on the Tuesday allowing for both an advanced and intro group on the same day. The intro group welcomed university student Emily Gornalle to help make these 2 classes possible and we thank her for stepping in for us.

Art Projects
Art projects is an opportunity for students work on their own individual project which could be anything from painting, sketching to clay objects or continue working on their mosaic project from the previous term. This term students also attended an exhibition of abstract artists titled Direction Now and we were lucky to have the curator, Kent Wilson, take us through the show. The exhibition is on until 17 December. We also visited the community space which is an exhibition by Melbourne Urban Sketchers, with sketches of Boroondara.