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Music Blog Week Seven

By November 21, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

Arlington Music
Every class at Arlington has created their own path for investigation in music this term.

Our Shaker Making Experience
In amongst learning about Vivaldi and studying the Four Seasons, the 5s have been keen to make things, incorporating nature and found objects.

Creative composition
The 6s and 7s have been exploring musical story-telling, starting with Peter and the Wolf and developing into creating their own soundscape for their own story.

Watching Inspiration
Science Fiction
The 8s and 9s have been investigating space and science fiction music. They have studied the importance of music in several science fiction movies and have chosen to compose new music for the Bike Scene from Tron!

Radio and Composition
Radio and composition
DJ 5274 Seconds of Summer entertaining the crowds at the Makers Market.
The 10s and 11s have continued with their awesome radio show as well as composing music inspired by their poems.

More technology suggestions to inspire and help …..
1. Musify – this free app allows you to download free music from SoundCloud to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Search, listen and download songs, DJ sets, mixes and live concerts and play them off line.
2. Drum Kit – if you love to create beats then this is the app for you. This free music maker allows you to create your own drum kit beats in a simple and fun way.

One thing! – This week’s practice tip encourages you to concentrate on fixing one thing. The trick to learning new things is to concentrate your efforts on one thing. Work out what is stopping you from playing easily, then concentrate on fixing that one thing. Go on, give it a try!