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By November 28, 2014 Alumni News

Bill Liao (cohort 1985)


Computer Science/Technology —— Free for Young People

“Software is the language of business today and software development requires coding: the ability to read and write a machine language and think computationally. In a world where almost everything has a digital component or is somehow digitally mediated, being able to understand the basics of how this technology works is more important than ever. This is the new literacy.”

Recognising this, alumni Bill Liao, along with a colleague, in 2011 set up a free and not for profit school in Ireland for students of any age to learn computational thinking and computer programming, which they called CoderDojo.

A 12 week course will commence on Sunday 7 December from 10.00am to 1.00pm at Wooranna Park Primary School, 89-105 Carlton Road, Dandenong North.

There will be a variety of projects on offer during this course. Every student must be accompanied by a responsible adult … Grandparents, this could be you! (The accompanying adult does not need to know anything at all about computers. )

Coordinating this course is ex Preshil Physics teacher Martin Harris. To express interest in attending, or to obtain further details please contact Martin on 0412 342 846 or at To download an application form click here.

Information about CoderDojo can be accessed here.