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Senior Activities Blog Update

By October 31, 2014 Blogs, Electives Program News

In Term Two Preshil parents and owners of Seven Seeds, Mark Dundon and Lisa Sanderson, offered us the opportunity to run a Barista Course. Seven Seeds is a micro roaster, cafe and retailer based in Melbourne. This activity was run at both Preshil and on location at Seven Seeds in Carlton. During the course students got an introduction to coffee, a sensory exploration of tasting, brewing, roasting, espresso training, techniques and a look at future insights and trends. They also got to have first hand experience serving up some tasty coffees at our annual Winter Solstice and received a great Seven Seeds hoodie as a keep sake. We look forward to doing this once again soon.

3D Photography
Run by past student and 3D Photographic enthusiast, Anthony Bignell. The great architect Frank Lloyd Wright once wrote: ‘A feeling of space; nothing is more important.’ So, as sculptors choose three dimensions for their art, and architects create three dimensional spaces, 3D photographers revel in the sense of space that can be recorded and evoked by stereo photography. If you have your 3D glasses you can view these images below in 3D… amazing!

Film Making
Run by past student, Matt Topp (Cohort 2012). This activity aimed to improve students’ skills in lighting, sound, storytelling and editing. Students explored the different elements of framing, movement and continuity as well as important aspects of production, design, post production and visual effects. Practically based, students in small teams had the opportunity to create 30 – 90 sec pieces. A full overview of the lesson plans is available here, including a great easy guide which illustrates the 3 elements of exposure.


Students spent time exploring many definitions of poetry as well as how to write their own poems. Kate discussed places where students can have their work read or published in the world outside of school and they are currently compiling an anthology of work that may become available in the library. This was an opportunity to express some part of themselves, to give word and voice to their ideas, opinions and feelings. Students have had a go at writing the types of poetry they have looked at this during the term including; acrostic, black out, list poetry and ekfrastic (writing to a painting/picture).

During Haiku Week they pooled together words that came to mind from their experience of trying home made Chai and Greek coconut cake to make their first haiku.

Students talked for some of the time about the games they loved to play, and it was a wide range indeed covering elaborate online action games, story-based interactive experiences, competitive challenges of skill, frustrating puzzles and wide-open worlds to explore.

They tried to explain what it was that made these games exciting and enjoyable (and in some cases maddening). They talked about the difficulty of creating a game, and Liam asked that everyone think about the sort of game they wanted to create. With limited time and resources it was going to be important to take their best ideas and focus on those, using any extra time to flesh them out. It wasn’t all fun and games without a glitch as they spent some time sorting out the software ‘Stencyl’ that they were going to use to create their game. Once technology was working, they began coming to grips with “what games mean to us”. Most of the teams were aiming for a form of plat-forming game. “.. perhaps because we have access to a great starting template which allows them to spend their efforts on refining the specifics of their games, rather than reinventing the wheel”.


By the end of the session, teams were focused on determining the art they would need, or were building and playing trial levels, or were learning how to refine the existing mechanics to suit their vision.

Liam Routt has always been interested in games of all sorts. A few years back he made the leap from professional programming to working in the video games industry as a programmer and game designer. Since then he’s worked on many games including Star Wars and Transformers as well as educational games. This weekend Melbourne hosts PAX I will be there tomorrow (Saturday 1 November) to check out more STEM educational games including MinecraftEDU made by teachers for teachers and the Kerbal Space Program.

Peter Pan Orchestra
This activity was an opportunity to compose, construct stage instruments, record digital sound effects and perform in the orchestra pit for Preshil’s music theatre play, Peter Pan at the Abbotsford Convent. Neverland activities were accompanied by a toy orchestra and Federation Handbells. We hired a set of these beautiful bells (below) (24 in all) from Museum Victoria especially for the production.

Federation Bells  Federation Bells

Next we will post more blogs more from our activities this year in the coming weeks!

Blogs to come:
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