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Music Blog Week One

By October 8, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

The VCE music performance night held in the last week of Term 3 was enjoyed by many parents, students and teachers. The audience was delighted by the Year 11 class ensemble, duos and solos, however, our one and only Year 12 music student, Riley Turner, stole the show. Presenting a demanding and difficult program, Riley delivered a solid and thoughtful performance.

I am delighted to introduce our latest ensemble run by the fabulous Catherine Wood (pictured below). Catherine has had many years experience in bands, musicals and Tv as a pianist and vocalist.

Many of her original compositions have featured on Good Morning Australia, Sale of the Century and Hey Hey It’s Saturday. For any Arlington students wanting to compose or arrange music, be in a band or even just work on a song with other musicians, come along to the Song Club – every Wednesday at 12.30pm in the Kevin Borland Hall.

Standard: Musical knowledge and instrumental experience is necessary.

Monday 20 October 6.00pm Dizzy’s
Tuesday 28 October 2.30pm Soiree, Kevin Borland Hall
Thursday 30 October 12.00 noon Count Us In, Kevin Borland Hall
Tuesday 18 November 8.15am Soiree, Kevin Borland Hall
Wednesday 26 November Doorstep Concert, Blackhall Kalimna
Friday 5 December Summer Sol, Blackhall Kalimna

More technology suggestions to inspire and help …..
1. The Orchestra – this app, although it costs $14.99, is a great tool to learn about the orchestra. It brings different perspectives, 360 degree views of the orchestra and score, as well as different musicians introducing their instrument.
2. Everyday Looper – is a fun looping app that allows you to record at least six short riffs that can be looped. It is a particularly good app to use in conjunction with a video app, in order to create sound effects for a movie or video clip.

Repetition – This week’s practice tip encourages you to try, try, try and try again! Repetition is the key to teaching your muscles what to do. Choose a tricky passage and set yourself the goal of playing it through, slowly to start with, at least 10 times. Then increase this over time. Go on, see if it works!