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Music Blog Week Four

By October 31, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

The first Matinee of the term was bigger than Ben Hur! Many children participated in the concert and dazzled us with a huge variety of instruments and musical styles. We were entertained by solos, duos and even small groups. What a wonderful way to finish the day!

More technology suggestions to inspire and help …..
1. – while this is not an app, it is a very useful website that allows you to download sheet music.
2. HarmonyWiz – this app, although it costs $12.99, is an advanced harmonic generator that can create a multi-part harmony, all just from inputting a single musical line. You can paint your music in or play it from a piano style keyboard. You compose it and HarmonyWiz will arrange it for you!

Video yourself – This week’s practice tip encourages you to video yourself playing. This way you will be able to see and hear what you do well and will be able to identify where you could improve things. It is very useful to see yourself play. Go on, give it a try!