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What’s Up in Science

By September 17, 2014 Blogs, Secondary Campus News

Preshil Science

Slime, bridge building and demolition, heart-brain-eye dissections, expanding gummy bears and messing with the gravity response in plants, are just some of the themes we have explored in science this year.

For National Science Week in August, lunchtime activities provided students with the chance to explore the nature of coke geysers generated from adding Mentos which rapidly created carbon dioxide and to determine the optimal volume of water needed for maximum height for water pressurised rockets.

Year 7 Science class with Beth discovered that making slime from PVA glue was not straightforward. They discovered that a number of “PVA” glues on the market did not create slime as expected. Students have written to a number of companies requesting some more information about their PVA products and wonder if some brands of PVA glue contain polyvinyl alcohol rather polyvinyl acetate.

VCE Biology has undertaken designing experiments to demonstrate osmosis, respiration and diffusion. It was have discovered that via osmosis, gummy bears will expand to fill small beakers when salt concentrations are optimal.

Year 10 students, aka civil engineers, have been undertaking a bridge design challenge to create bridge structures from paddle pop sticks. Final constructions are put to the test to breaking point to determine the maximum weight a particular structure can tolerate.