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Music Week Blog

By September 4, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

Music week has started with a bang!

Brian Nankervis launched Preshil’s first RocKwiz Night. It was a fun filled evening with incredible music from our talented Senior Music Elective Band, jokes and questions from our wonderful host Brian Nankervis and delicious pizzas smashed out by John Collins, Danny Klotz, Atilla Kuti and Lisa Moyle.

The evening, a fundraising event towards the purchase of a new drum kit, band equipment for Arlington, double basses, music stands and recording equipment, has raised $5000. We are very excited to begin purchasing!

Children were integral to the success of the evening by composing the questions, delivering pizzas, judging answer sheets and performing the musical examples. Children from both Arlington and Blackhall Kalimna researched and composed questions that baffled many of their parents!

Oz Opera’s performance of Cinderella was enjoyed by students from the Nursery School all the way up to Year 8. For many children this was the first time that they had heard any kind of opera. As one child in the 8s and 9s said following the performance, “That was amazing. There should be more opera in the world.”

More technology suggestions to inspire and help …..
1. YouTube – this is the most useful tool to be able to research new music. Listen to it and learn it with ease!
2. Magic Piano – is a fun app to feel what it is like to create music on a piano. Try your favourite songs and see if you can stay in time!

Have an aim – This week’s practice tip encourages you to always practise with an aim to fix, improve and change something. Don’t just play through whole songs but rather aim to fix or change something. Give it a go and see if it helps!