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Music at Cutler & Co

By September 17, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama, News

Preshil Foundation Night Out
On Monday 15 September Preshil musicians entertained the many people attending the Preshil Night Out at Cutler and Co. Not only was the food by Andrew McConnell magnificent but so too was the musical offerings of Emily Wilson, Jasper Miles, Cameron Powell, Hayden Powell, Jan Duz, Josh Moulieris, Veronica Greene, Will Holmes a Court, Sam Heeps and Moosejaw Rifle Club.

From their stage presence to the ripping guitar solo in Hotel California, Soul Donkey and friends captured the attention and the hearts of their audience on the main stage, while Emily Wilson and Jasper Miles soothed souls as they serenaded diners in the small room.

Moosejaw Rifle Club took over from Soul Donkey and friends and finished the night on a high. This bluegrass phenomenon, made up of Preshil teachers John Collins, Jared Boyle and Mick Bourke were joined by Atilla Kuti on the violin. Together, they had us entertained until the very last moment.

What an amazing evening. You can watch Hotel California Video on Vimeo here.

Preshil Students at Cutler & Co