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More Music Week

By September 12, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

What a week!

Throughout the week, children experienced multiple opportunities to perform, listen to musicians of all areas and even attend concerts by professionals. There were nine scheduled concerts ranging from school soirées to public performances.

Many children braved the stage for their debut solo performance, while others played or sang in their ensembles for the first time. Performing in St Stephen’s Church in Richmond was a special experience for everyone involved.

Music Week concluded with a Flashmob performance of Pharrell Williams’ song Happy. True to its name, performing Happy as a Flashmob was a joyous experience for everyone. Video footage will be made available on the website as soon as possible.

Here are a few highlights from Piano, Strings and Brass.

Piano and Strings





Piano Solo




Music Box – this app allows you to download hundreds of free and legal songs and it manages your downloads for you!

insTuner – do you find it hard to tune your instruments sometimes? This app is for you. It is a chromatic tuner that will help you to tune any instrument.

Sight Reading – This week’s practice tip encourages you to try to sight-read as much as possible. This will help you to work out rhythm, fingering, dynamics, bowings, etc as fast as you can! Sight-reading is a very handy skill.