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Meet the Makers Term 3

By September 16, 2014 Blogs, News, Primary Campus News

After a staggered beginning to the upper primary electives program due to a busy schedule of events, the makers in this area have now enhanced their skills. Friday mornings have been full of growing, cooking, wood working, knitting, jewellery making and badge crunching. The children have now worked through the initial phase of the program in making items for themselves and are now preparing to make items for their market stalls in preparation for the twilight market on 7 November. Of course, it’s still not too late to become involved if you have a spare hour on a Friday morning between 9:30 – 10:30am. Drop me a line at

Mick – Kitchen Garden Gurus
The Kitchen Garden Elective will involve propagating and growing food crops for sale at the Preshil Makers Market. We will grow herbs in pots and vegetables to sell at our stalls throughout the elective and will be building a herb garden out the back of the 8s and 9s classroom. We will also be cooking, eating and trialing recipes to sell at our food, pot plant and produce stall at the night market. We will be doing on research on how plants grow, watching David Attenborough’s ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ and hope to organise a visit to the Botanic Gardens Indigenous and Bush Food Gardens in Melbourne. We will learn how to grow stuff to eat and sell practising good food-economics and making some tummies happy along the way.

You can also visit our Sustainability Blog here to read more about our environment.

Tonia – Badge Making Bonanza
The Badge-making elective will explore ways of re-purposing used (and often overlooked) things to make badges and brooches to be sold at the Preshil Makers Market. The kids will explore principles of design and locate images and objects that can be up-cycled into fashionable badges. We’ll look into creative ways others have made badges, such as incorporating newspapers, old maps and comics, as well as combining these images with our own artwork and ideas. Lateral thinking skills and an appreciation for the eclectic are welcome! It will be a creative, quirky and ‘earth-friendly’ learning experience for all involved.

Jared – Woody Pics
Woody Pics! For this elective we will be transforming old pieces of used / recycled wood into amazing works of art by transferring picture designs and photos onto them. It will involve computer design skills, basic woodworking and painting / finishing skills.

Deb – Jewellery Making Gems
Come and join Deb and discover different ways of making jewelry, objects and little creatures. We’ll have guest artists to help us as well!

Kate Birch & Georgie Govenlock – Wonders with Wool
If you love to knit, then you know what a wonderful art it is to pass along to countless others. 
Lives will be blessed, time will be used wisely, creativity will be enhanced, and sheep will sleep peacefully!
“In through the front door,
Run around the back,
Hop through the window,
Off jumps Jack.”

We will post some photos of our Woolly Wonders shortly.