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Meet The Makers Electives

By September 5, 2014 Blogs, Primary Campus News

Our Meet The Makers Electives program commenced last week with lots of excitement, industrious making and investigating. From their earliest years, children at Preshil are encouraged to make choices and our successful Electives program further supports this tradition of choosing special projects and interests.

The Electives this year focus on holding a twilight ‘Meet The Makers’ community market on Friday 7 November. Our children are involved in the process of making, marketing, planning a stall and selling products created in their Elective. Below is a snapshot description of each Elective being run for the 5s & 6/7s on Friday afternoons 2:00 – 3:00 pm. It’s not too late to become involved and help out on a casual or permanent basis for the next 9 weeks. If you are interested in joining in the fun please approach the teacher running each activity. Please enjoy the photos from week 1. Descriptions and progress of the upper years Electives will be sent next week.

Dominique – Le club des couleurs
In Le club des couleurs, the children will become familiar with some French artists (Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet) and some iconic architecture. They will respond creatively through drawing and collage on different media.

Anthony – Wooden It Be Nice!
Wooden It Be Nice! will aim to handcraft “tools” for the kitchen, such as breadboards, platters, spoons, servers, kitchen organisers and herb planters. This Elective will take place in the Arlington workshop and aims to develop students’ woodworking skills of cutting, drilling, shaping and sanding timber using prepared project plans. There is also scope for students to design and create their own ideas in timber.

Lauren – Treat Yourself
Get a bowl and a big wooden spoon, Get ingredients ready, we’ll be mixing soon! Flour, sugar, spice and love, Mix it up! Turn the oven on! It is so tempting when it tastes so yum, to eat it before it’s cooked and done, But if you wait a little while, you’ll have a treat that makes you smile! Chocolates, short bread, toffee and more. Let’s get baking!

Talitha – Handy Handicrafts
The handy handicrafts Elective will focus on creating and making projects from recycled and natural objects using lots of imaginative flair. Some ideas for making include card-making, scrap paper pots, paper mache bowls and jewellery, table coasters, sock puppets and mobiles.

Alistair – Keep on Chookin’
Come and have some Eggs-tra special fun … raising silkie chickens. Who said raising chickens was hard? With just a few basic supplies and some silkie chicks from a local farm, you will be a chicken farmer in no time. Keep on Chookin’ will be a wonderful way to introduce you to the responsibilities of caring for animals, with the added bonus of eggs to collect as a reward for our efforts.