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Music Blog Week Seven

By August 29, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

Music week started today with the fabulous Oz Opera performance of Cinderella at 9.30am and the Kwiz Night at 7.00pm. We have a host of wonderful performances happening throughout the week and would love your support and attendance to as many concerts as possible! To finish Music Week we are staging a flash mob rendition of Pharrell Williams’ song Happy. Please join us at the Target Centre, Bourke Street in the city at 12.00noon.

Friday 29 August 9.30am Oz Opera Performance, Borland Hall
Friday 29 August 7-9pm Kwiz Night, Senior School Library
Monday 1 September 8.15am Piano Concert, Borland Hall
Monday 1 September 2.30pm Ben’s Big Band & Woodwind Concert, Borland Hall
Tuesday 2 September 8.15am Arlington Strings & String Solos concert, Borland Hall
Tuesday 2 September 6pm St Stephen’s Church Concert, Richmond
Wednesday 3 September Lunchtime Door Step Concert, BK
Wednesday 3 September 2.30pm Brass and Guitar Concert, Borland Hall
Thursday 4 September 2.30pm Flying for a Prize, Pavement & Solo Singing
Friday 5th September Flash-mob performance, Target Centre, Bourke St, city

On Monday 18 August senior students gathered at lunchtime and performed to an intimate and appreciative crowd.

Tuesday 19 August started with a bang as more than twenty children participated in our second Soiree/Matinee for the term. It is so wonderful to see performances of such variety, including dance. Milly Lusted and Allegra Holmes a Court both entertained us with wonderful dance routines along with a host of pianists, violinists, trumpeters, drummers and much more.

More technology suggestions to inspire and help …..
1. Musyc – this fun app allows you to create music using various shapes. It’s a time to explore chance music!
2. Groove+ – is a great app to discover music video play clips. With Groove+ for YouTube, instantly create a personalised mix from any artists you like.

Perform as much as possible – This week’s practice tip encourages you to perform as often as possible. Use every opportunity to test out the work you have done on your pieces to improve them. Performance can be scary but if you perform as much as you can it gets easier. Give it a go and see if it helps!