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Music Blog Week 6

By August 22, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

Preparation for the Kwiz Night is in full swing. Question rounds are being designed by students from Arlington and the Senior School. With much excitement, children have been researching and creating questions to be included in the Kwiz, hoping that they may be able to outwit their parents! Get in quickly and get your tickets as there are only a few left.

Of the forty-two people involved in the ski camp last week more than half were also musicians. Students and teachers experienced incredible weather, brilliant snow and a wonderful sense of community and camaraderie. Many of our wonderful musicians are also sensational skiers and snowboarders. Kris Austin out did himself with this superbly organised ski trip; the children have dubbed it, “The best camp ever”. Next year we hope to organise a gig on the mountain for the musicians on ski camp!

I am very excited to announce that the Australian Opera is coming to Preshil to open Music Week on Friday 29 August at 9.30am in the Hall. Oz Opera has performed for the Preshil community many times but not for several years. The children have always thoroughly enjoyed the performances and will love this year’s production of Cinderella. All children from the Nursery School to year 8 are invited to this magical experience. Please bring $12 to school by Wednesday 27 August and give it to your class teacher.

One of life’s most wonderful experiences is to create music with others. Preshil offers many opportunities for children to be involved in a wide variety of ensembles and encourages everyone to take this up.

An ensemble is a team (much like any sporting teams) and part of being in an ensemble is being committed to it, turning up to rehearsals every week, being there on time as often as possible and giving it a go. Supporting your children to be committed to their ensemble will help them to get the best out of the experience, grow as a musician and learn what it is like to be part of a team.

More technology suggestions to inspire and help …..
1. MadPad – record the sound bites of your life and remix them into funky loops. This app is fun and limitless!
2. Garage Band – a good old favourite music creation app that allows you to compose songs, record yourself and put it all together into a groovy song. Play with it and see what you can create!

Without Instrument! – This week’s practice tip encourages you to use the time when you are not with your instrument or can’t be with your instrument to visualise and learn. It can be a great way to consolidate tricky fingerings, work on bow holds, learn music off by heart and much more. Give it a go and see if it helps!