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This Week in Music

By July 18, 2014 Music Media Art Drama, News

Welcome to Term Three

I hope everyone has had a wonderful break and started the term rested and ready for more fun music making. Being part of ensembles and performing as often as possible are important to the development of every musician. I would strongly recommend that you encourage your children to join an ensemble and take up the opportunities to perform as much as they can. We have new performance opportunities, ensemble information and performance dates for this term listed below. Please check it and get involved!


Open Stage – Wednesdays at 8.45am in Kevin Borland Hall
Back by popular demand, Open Stage is an opportunity for anyone wanting to give performance a go. Simply come along on a Wednesday morning and give it a try! This is a very relaxed performance and ideal for trying out new songs and performing for the first time.

Campfire Jam – Subject to interest
For any senior students wanting to perform but don’t want the pressure of a big concert, this is for you. Contact Rod Waterman to arrange a relaxed campfire performance session.

New Ensembles
Thursday 12.30pm – The Brass Effect – Adrian Perger in Arlington Music Room
Learning a brass instrument and love the sound? This brand new ensemble is for you! Join Adrian at lunchtime Thursdays in the Arlington music room to explore the world of brassy things!
Standard: Beginner to advanced welcome.

All soirees are open to the whole school. Please email if you would like to perform.
Tuesday August 5th 2.30pm Kevin Borland Hall, Arlington
Tuesday August 19th 8.00am Kevin Borland Hall, Arlington

These concerts are open to all senior students. Please contact Rod Waterman to get involved.
Monday 21st July lunchtime BK music room
Monday 18th August lunchtime BK music room

Music week will run from Friday 29th August to Friday 5th September. While Music Week is still being finalised we do have some dates for your diary:
Friday 29 August 9.30am Oz Opera Performance, Kevin Borland Hall
Monday 1 September 8.15am Piano Concert, Kevin Borland Hall
Monday 1 September 2.30pm Ben’s Big Band & Woodwind Concert, Kevin Borland Hall
Tuesday 2 September 8.15am Arlington Strings & String Solos concert, Kevin Borland Hall
Tuesday 2 September 6.00pm St Stephen’s Church Concert, Richmond
Wednesday 3 September 8.15am Black Noise & Drum Concert
Wednesday 3 September lunchtime Door Step Concert, BK
Thursday 4 September 2.30pm Flying for a Prize, Pavement & Solo Singing
Friday 5 September A surprise!

Due to the success of the open lessons in Term 2, we would like to offer parents and guardians the opportunity to come and sit in on another lesson. Open lesson week will run:
Monday 15th September – Friday 19th September

More technology suggestions to inspire and help …..
1. Voice Memo – this is a free app which can record you play.
2. Video – using the video on your iPhone, smart phone or iPad can be a very valuable tool to see what you do when you play.

Metronome – just in case you missed this advice in an earlier blog, using a metronome can save you heartache later! There are heaps of free metronome apps. Get one and use it to help keep yourself in time.

Remember for regular technology and practice tips please visit our dedicated page here.

Mondays 8.30am – Ben’s Big Band – Ben Carr in Arlington Music Room
Think Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones and Louis Armstrong. If you love swing, jazz, funk and pop music, this is the band for you. Combining the sounds of woodwind and brass instruments, this ensemble brings the big band to Preshil. Run by our amazing woodwind specialist, Ben Carr, all Arlington students learning a woodwind or brass instrument are invited to join this dynamic group every Monday at 8.30am in the music room. Learn to work together to create harmonies and funky beats.
Standard: Standard: Beginner to advanced.

Mondays 12.30pm – Lightening Strikes Guitars – Lawrence Folvig in Arlington Music Room
Join Lawrence Folvig and his gang on Mondays at lunchtime in the music room to explore pop, jazz and the guitar classics. Work as a team to learn to perform individual parts together as one.
Standard: Beginner to advanced welcome.

Tuesday 8.30am – Arlington Strings – Karoline Kuti in Kevin Borland Hall
If you love having fun playing the violin, viola, cello or double bass and like hanging out with friends, then come along and join Arlington Strings on Tuesdays at 8.30am in the Arlington hall. Help me, Karoline Kuti, to explore some awesome string music while learning how to work as a team, expand your skills and have fun performing.
Standard: Beginner to AMEB Grade 2 or Suzuki Book 2.

Wednesday 8.30am – Black Noise Drumming – Phil Collings in Arlington Music Room
If you find yourself tapping along to the beat of your favorite song then this is the group for you. Calling all Arlington students, come along on Wednesdays at 8.30am in the Arlington Music Room with the fabulous Phil Collings and try smashing out funky beats. Experience the wonder of creating new percussion instruments together with body percussion and djembe drumming. Learn to form a unified beat while creating your own individual beat together with your friends.
Standard: No experience necessary to advanced.

Wednesday lunchtime – The R & B Band – Ivan Rosa BK Music Room
Relax into the cool sounds of gospel, soul, electric blues and funk in this R&B Band inspired by our virtuoso Ivan Rosa. If you are a senior student and play drums, lead guitar, bass guitar, keys, woodwind, brass or sing come to the Music Room at Blackhall on Wednesday lunchtimes to investigate this unique opportunity. Learn to collaborate with others while exploring the classics of the R&B world creating your own sounds and vibe.
Standard: At least 2 years of learning experience required to advanced.

Thursday 8.30am – Flying for Prize Choir – Michelle Berner- in Kevin Borland Hall
Love singing in the shower or in the car on the way to school? Then come and join our singing diva, Michelle Berner, on Thursdays at 8.30am in the Arlington hall. Explore classics and pop favorites with your friends. Investigate the world of singing through learning to sing in unison, solo and part harmonies.
Standard: No experience necessary to advanced.

Friday 8.00am – Strings Attached – Atilla Kuti in BK Music Room
Investigate the endless possibilities of the string world through music spanning Amadeus Mozart to the Arctic Monkeys. Our resident gypsy violinist, Atilla Kuti, will challenge, inspire and lead you through a world of rockin’ string playing. Expand your skills, work as a team and have fun! Join Atilla on Fridays at 8.00am in the Music Room at Blackhall.
Standard: Must have completed AMEB Grade 2 or Suzuki Book 2 and beyond.

Friday lunchtime – Pavement Choir – Michelle Berner BK Music Room
The incredibly groovy harmonies of the pavement choir need dedicated senior singers to collaborate with the wonderful Michelle Berner. Learn how to design harmonies, solo lines and descant melodies to create dynamic texture. Come and join your friends at lunchtime Fridays in the Blackhall music Room.
Standard: Beginner to advanced.

Chamber Choir Day & Time TBC – Helen Kerr-Lawley –
If you are senior school student, love to sing and want to try a cappella madrigals from C15th to C19th or well-known choruses from operas and modern classics come along on Tuesday lunchtimes to the BK music room. Explore music from long ago and learn to harmonize with your friends, work as a team and even sing solo.
Standard: No experience needed – just a love of singing.
For further information contact Helen on