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Tamil Rogeon Visits, Soiree and Limelight

By June 4, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

Music Industry 101 Activity Program
The incredible Tamil Rogeon, from the hip hop band True Live and RAAH Project, joined us in the music elective this week. Tamil shared his experience of how he got into the music industry and has stayed for years! He gave great advice about being brave and saying ‘yes’ to everything that comes your way, even if you’re not sure how to do it yet, and the importance of getting out and performing as much as possible in the right places, if you want to be noticed!
Tamil Rogeon
After sharing his experiences and answering questions, Tamil jumped on the drums and helped us arrange one of the group’s favourite songs. What a treat to have his expert help with this.
Tamil Rogeon

Please enjoy some photos of the students performing in the soiree on Thursday 22 May.
Preshil Soiree Preshil Soiree
Preshil Soiree Preshil Soiree

Limelight Magazine Feature
Schools’ Music Festival offers the best medicine. Our Preshil Strings Attached group was recently featured in Limelight Magazine. We performed as part of the Live Music Is Good For You Festival and our photo was chosen to represent the wonderful work of the different schools that came in to perform. What an honor! To read the article please follow this link.
Sights and sounds in hospital foyers prove music therapy to the ears for Melbourne’s outpatients.