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By June 18, 2014 News

DRAMA by Kate Ellis
Hi everyone! Happy last week! There’s so much activity happening around the school already this week … Drama today being incredibly “act-ive”. Max, Hamish, Toby and Isaac act out a tableau. Isaac is a fire and the other boys are telling a spooky story around it!  Hamish provides the music for a one-word-at-a-time spooky story we improvised! And a monster admires all the bones in his cave! It was a wonderful last session of Drama in Aftercare today. Happy holidays everyone!

What do you do with your old magazines? Do “Blackout Poetry” of course. You tear out the page you want from the magazine and then carefully choose which words in the text you want to keep and which words you want to black out. We all came up with some amazing poetry and stories that we then read to one another. The children then moved on to making chatterboxes. Have you ever tried to sing “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cirus in a “Gangnam style” way? Very interesting indeed! We had lots and lots of fun and laughter.

We wanted to make a contribution to the Winter Solstice celebration and came up with the idea of making jellies. Chris had some fruit juice cups that her dad had saved for her from his meals-on-wheels lunches. We soon had a team churning out lots of jellies. We hope you enjoy them.

All things Winter Solstice. We joined in with the whole celebration and had lots of fun.