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Aftercare Drama Games

By June 13, 2014 Blogs, Primary Campus News

Drama Games
Making up your own show is hard. We learned this in drama today. After a series of drama games including ‘Chief Ape’, ‘Station Master’ and an old favourite, ‘Giants treasure’,  those participating in drama asked if they could make up their own story and perform it. Knowing how creative our drama group is, my reply was of course YES! But what if people have different ideas? What if one person wants to use props and others want to use their imagination? These are some of the things we discovered today can slow the creative process down. Sometimes even stop it. But after a good discussion we realised we’d all learned a lot and were determined to give  it another go! If you’re a drama enthusiast and know how to solve such things, please join us. We’d love your ideas including your creative flair!
Much love
Aftercare Drama
The week at a glance
TUESDAY 2  JUNE: Today we made pizza. We mixed flour, water and yeast and then did a great deal of kneading until we got the consistency we wanted. we then spread the dough onto our trays and spread on some sauce. we scattered bacon and cheese and some pineapple.  We made two pizzas, one vegetarian and one for the non vegetarians. Some of the children were a little bit tentative about eating it but once they had a bite they decided it was delicious. We all had to just keep eating and eating. Yum and delicious!!!
Aftercare making
WEDNESDAY 3 JUNE: What do you do with old stockings? Naturally you make some fabulous creatures. You fill the stockings with stuffing and tie off the end of the stocking. Then it is up your imagination. We added hair, eyes, noses and mouths. Some creatures had even had wings. They were amazing.
Aftercare making
THURSDAY 5 JUNE: Today we created fingerprint people. We used a coloured stamp pads and used our fingers to make various sized creatures, With textas and pens we added faces, arms and legs and soon some fabulous fingerprint families. Some of the people were surrounded with musical notes which made them look like they were dancing. Once again there was no limit to imaginations.
Aftercare Art

We love all the creative minds that come to Aftercare and go home feeling joyous every day.
Come and see us soon
Chris and Kate