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Aftercare Drama Games

By June 1, 2014 Blogs, Primary Campus News

Week 7 News
MONDAY (by Kate Ellis): Kylie Minogue joined us in Drama today. Well, sort of.
Today we used an old 90’s cd of Kylie’s dance music to take us through Drama games ‘jumping beans’, ‘sculptor clay’ and warm up game, ‘follow the leader’. I might’ve joined in (haven’t danced to that cd in AGES!).

After our warm up game we focused in a little by improvising an alphabet one word at a time story. Admittedly it got a little weird, particularly when ‘Mop Never Opens Parchments’ but we had many a giggle as a result. To move slowly back into performing through our bodies we played ‘sculptor clay’, an activity that sees one person as sculptor and another as a lump of clay. Sculptor must then move the body of clay into a character, object or shape. We saw aeroplanes, scared faces and even a teapot.

Other highlights included a by request game of ‘wink murder’ with actors needing to perform their best deaths yet (it is drama after all!); and a game of ‘what’s changed’ where drama enthusiasts took active shapes then changed one part of their shape to create a whole new character or scene. My job was to figure out what had changed. Tough job! They were very tricky! Another great week in Drama. Please come join us!

TUESDAY: We did not have many children today but made some gorgeous mini terrariums. We even had a couple over to decorate our window sill.

WEDNESDAY: We had some dolly pegs that we dressed and decorated. Some time ago someone kindly donated some coloured tulle which was gathered like small skirts on elastic. This suited our needs perfectly. We soon had some gorgeous little peg people. Some people made more than one.

Dolly Art
THURSDAY: What can you do with plain old paper clips? Make brooches and fancy paper holders of course. This activity was very popular and we ended up with some amazing and creative ideas.