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Activities Introduction to Electronics Course

By June 20, 2014 Electives Program News, News

Introduction into Electronics was taught at Preshil as part of the Activities Program for Years 7 to 8, supporting a growing trend to bring back ‘making things’ in our communities. Having an understanding of “how stuff works” empowers our community to be more creative, be in control of the things around us and be more innovative with our ideas. Best of all, the key concepts of “Intro into Electronics” played an important part in providing real life examples for students to study math, science and art.

Electronics preshil
The ‘Introduction to Electronics’ course was fun and interactive with students learning how to solder components to circuit boards, identify and use various types of components, and become familiar with foundation electronic theory. During the course we played with Resistors and Capacitors, Diodes & LED’s, Transistors & even 555 Timer IC’s! Using these basic building blocks, we constructed a range of circuits on breadboards, prototyping our ideas to gain a better understanding of how these circuits work.
Electronics Preshil

The team learnt that understanding a bit about electronics will help them to understand the things they use everyday such as their mobile phones, laptops and many other electronic devices in our homes. The skills they learnt provided a safe pathway of discovery, creating useful circuits for everyday use. As part of the course, we built a light and dark detector that switched a motor on and off. After soldering it together, the student got to keep their projects and take them home.
Electronics Preshil