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Activities Introduction to Arduino Course

By June 20, 2014 Blogs, Electives Program News, News

In the Introduction to Arduino Course, we covered key concepts in using and programming a micro controller. In the course we covered the basics of the development environment and the programming language, applying it to the Preshil “Shield” – an electronic add-on board to the Arduino micro controller. Using this, we made LED’s flash in sequence, read analogue light values from an onboard sensor and interacted with user input from tactile switches.

Arduino Course Preshil

The focus though was to learn about programming, where, in a short time, the class went from zero to programming their own custom FUNCTIONS, using ARRAYS, FOR loops, SWITCH CASE, IF/ELSE and many other common C Language statements. We even switched motors on and off using code, made sounds using an externally connected speaker. At the end of the course, the students got to keep their Arduino’s! They also started to make connections about how they could design things to use in other subjects. The class is now eligible to work on more advanced topics in the “Intermediate Arduino” course where their newly acquired programming skills will be extended to Ultrasonic sensing, Temperature sensing, data logging, Numeric Keypads, LCD screens and much, much more.

Arduino Course Preshil   Arduino Course Preshil

Arduino Breadboard Preshil

by Karl von Moller