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Learning at the Junior Campus

By March 22, 2014 Blogs, Primary Campus News

Welcome to our Arlington Super Blog Feature Term One 2014
This is a selection of the children’s learning from the class weekly blogs home.


To begin the year we explored why music matters to us. We begin every class with a performance. Children enjoy sharing their love of music with their friends and there is always a very supportive atmosphere in the room.
“Music makes me feel like i am in a different world” Lucia 10|11s

classroom music preshil

The Radio Show
Following on from last years successful 11s Radio Show, there was much expression of interest in creating another radio show in 2014. After much discussion, the 10s decided that it would be best if the radio show was an 11s activity, with a small amount of help from the 10s. The 10s decided that producing and working in a support role for the 11s would be the most productive way forward as they wanted to keep the radio show as an 11s only activity in 2015!

We began our investigation into creating a radio station by writing our first short script, in 20 minutes, with each group performing for each other at the end of the class. Some students found delivering their show off the cuff was easier than writing a detailed script while others found that they had to write script each word. Other students found writing the script rewarding and fun but performing the show in front of an audience was tricky!

To further develop our radio station we got into small groups to begin planning our shows.
classroom music preshil

To help the 10s understand how they can support their 11s the wonderful Mave Soekotjo, radio producer, came in to show us what radio production is all about. We learned about stings, segments, jingles, how to interview for radio and discovered that research was an important part of developing a radio show. To really inspire both the 10s and the 11s we went to visit Triple R radio station.

Our tour guide, Zoran, was amazed by the incredible quality and the number of questions that the children had. We learned that drinking cold water just before you go on radio makes your vocal chords contract and tighten and makes it harder to speak! We even got to sit in a real recording booth and try the equipment. Zoran explained what all the different buttons, lights and gadgets do. This sparked a lot more questions! We were given opportunity to learn about Triple R and to ask our many questions! We have continued our work on developing the 11s Radio Show and have agreed to name the station Radio Sonic. Each group is underway to compose their DJ show sting and the radio station jingle.
Tripple R Preshil

Classroom Visit
To inspire further creativity we were very lucky to have Adrian Perger, our wonderful brass teacher, come in and demonstrate brass instruments to the children. Our head of campus came in to enjoy the fun!
alistair trombonepreshil music

Learning in the 10s and 11s – Years 5 and 6


This week we continued to explore the roles of literature circles. This is like a mini book club where the kids read the same book in small groups over the course of a few weeks. Eventually they will organise what they read, and when they meet to discuss their book. Each week the children will have a different role to complete to contribute to the discussion. We are learning these roles week by week together. This week we looked at the Connector role which connects the text that is read to the readers own experiences or real life.

This book was a wonderful way do this as it is the story of the tightrope walker Philippe Petit who tightrope walked between the towers of the world trade centre in 1974. Really interesting discussion and experiences came from this session.

Easter Play

Preparations are well under way for the traditional Easter Play. Groups are planning, writing, designing, making costumes and props, and rehearsing their scenes. There are plans for rather a lot of chocolate! Above the students discuss Initial ideas and performance sharing.

Writing selection by Liv
Nan is all packed and ready so I’m riding my bike over to help her move house.
“Ava,” Nan says the minute I walk through the door. “I’m nearly done. Could you please check the attic?”
So I go upstairs. At first glance the attic is empty. Then I notice the bag. Inside are bundles of letters all addressed to Lu-chi or Ping.
“Ava,” Nan calls again.
I go down stairs with the bag, but I keep the letters under my shirt.

When I get home I sit on the bed. I know my Nan moved here from China when she was fifteen. But why does she have all these old letters?

Dear Lu-chi,
It’s still hard to believe that I will never see you again. Australia seems so far away. Yesterday we went to Father’s new restaurant. The are lots of cooks and waiters. One gave me a dumpling. On Tuesday we will go to see an old friend of Father’s. He has a child my age. I have met the mother. She gave me a hug and told me she’d make me a pavlova. Father said that’s like a meringue . How is it in China?
All my love.

Writing selection By Ethan
The submarine’s sonar beeps slowly as it lowers into the oceans depths. “Sir, we are approaching the lowest depth ever reached by a sea vessel, mark twelve,” announced private Cassar.
“We must reach mark twenty five for a successful test private,” said the captain.
“Sir, at that depth nothing could survive,” argued private Cassar.

“That’s why we must do this, to show our countries strength, and our enemies’ weakness!”
“Sir this is madness, this does not show strength but idiocy!,” yelled private Cassar.
“Private, resisting orders will now have you executed and your family dishonored, you hear that crew, anybody resisting orders will now….!,” yelled the captain .
“Sir.” said private Cassar with a tremble in his voice.
“Private, you sound scared.” said the captain boastingly.
“And stop crowding the radar, get back to your posts.”
“There’s a blip on the radar,” said private Cassar, still with a tremble in his voice.


Music sessions with the 8s and 9s began with exploring why music matters to us.
“Music makes me feel calm” Meier 8s|9s
Classroom Music Preshil
We have many amazing musicians in the 8s and 9s who love to perform and are learning how to be a great audience. Each week we have volunteers wanting to share their love of music with the class.

Working in with the class excursion to the Melbourne Now Exhibition, we spent time looking at soundscapes and created our own. To start the process children were asked to record sounds at home and share them with the class. Ben recorded many sounds from home and created a quiz for the class, which everyone really enjoyed!
classroom music preshil

Children got into small groups and were given a scene (such as the beach, the city waking up, the school playground, a haunted house and the office) that they had to describe entirely through sound.
We all realised that describing a scene using only sound bites was harder than it initially seemed! We have continued our project by exploring how visual cues and sound can work closely together. We started by looking at mime and how one can describe a scene through only movement and gesture.

To further develop this concept, children were put into small groups and given a photo. The were given the task of creating music, within 15 minutes using any instruments in the room, to describe the photo. The audience was asked to listen critically and offer suggestions to the group performing.

We are going to continue with our project of combining music with visuals and students are going to create their own composition and set it to a video, musical or advertisement. Stay tuned!!

Learning in the 8s and 9s – Years 3 and 4


This game is called Big Buck Math. Each time the dice is rolled it needs to be added to a place value column. Whoever rolls the bigger numbers get the big bucks. Some of the totals added up to thousands of dollars.


This is our whole school gathering. Marilyn, Cal and Cressida shared some lovely stories about Mug (Margaret E Lyttle).

Fundraising, Angelo von Moller

Geometry in Architecture

Elenberg Fraser

Designing Spaces

6s and 7s – Years 1 and 2

Scales and weight, Preshil
Making Scales
Drafting Stories
Balance Scales

5s – Prep

This term we are investigating who we are as individuals, our identity as the 5s group and our place in our family and community. We have begun to make connections between each other and our families. Connections with friends as we search for bugs, share familiar games such as hide and seek and understand our family structures.
Family Portraits
Self Portrait

Orlando- The same thing after another.
Hephzi- a pearl
Annabel- A star is a pattern
Lola- A wing
Hamish- A square then a circle and a square then a circle or anything that is one after another.
Elliot- You can draw patterns on paper.
Tom- You can draw patterns on the whiteboard.
Noey- It can be blue, red red,yellow yellow.
Maia- A zig zag
Patterns Preshil

3s and 4s Nursery – Kindergarten

When Felix was this morning’s weather detective he noticed that the weather was SMOKEY.
Romly explained that “smoke from some fires from the country where there would have been fires.”
Felix “ . . . bush fires.”
Bush Fires, Weather

In continuing our talk on friends,
we focussed on how friends give compliments to one another.
We had a go at giving compliments to Banjo. He received them with a smile.
“I like the way you play puzzles.” Lewis
“I like how you play with dinosaurs and make them hide in the forest.” Lux
“I like how you play in the sandpit.” Millie

We have a rainwater tank in the Nursery School.
Lewis  “It’s where water comes out and sprays plants.”
Millie  “The rain goes in the tank,”
Griffin  “It’s shaped like a drink bottle but not like that at the top. It has a hole in the top to let the rain in.”
Romly  “It comes from the sky.  Rain goes in.  There is heaps of it waiting in the clouds.”
Lux  “It’s rain sky water. . .the tank floods up on it’s own.”
Griffin  “TAP WATER comes from underwater pipes.”
Romly  “It used to be OK to drink but now it’s pollution because all of the toxic fumes have gone up and polluted.”
Monica  “You can get sick.  A tummy ache.”
Rain water tanks and Doctors

Compliments, symbols, planting


Nursery School
French is happening in small groups and /or during their play. We sing, count, talk about colours, animals, hobbies and actions in the playgroup. We use French vocabulary related to the activities that the children are involved in during their play.
The children engaged in creative activities to support their vocabulary retention. Each week, they enjoyed working in their French books.
The children engaged in 3 songs to support their vocabulary retention Comment tu t’appelles, Les jours de la semaine and Comptons jusqu’à 20
Followed by creative activities about their favourite days.


8s & 9s and 10s & 11s
We started the term with a revision of acquired vocabulary with a focus on how to respond appropriately to comment ça va?, giving personal information and frequently used vocabulary in the classroom. They engaged in speaking skills activities and memory games to consolidate the vocabulary.
French, preshil


10s and 11s – Years 5 and 6

Understanding the Concept / Developing the Language
A significant element of the learning associated with the Natural Phenomenon project is the development of an understanding of cause and effect and the language needed to explain why or how the event may occur.

Understanding Natural Disasters / Weather patterns through Science
How does snow form?

So Where’s The Maths?

Personal Passions

8s and 9s – Years 3 and 4





6s and 7s – Years 1 and 2

How can we find out more?

Using the structure of a ‘word wheel’ we asked the children to brainstorm different ways of finding out information for questions. We hope to draw on these sources for our own investigations and encourage the group to use a range of resources rather than relying heavily on one source.

Literacy – Reading: Creating Mental Images

We have been looking at what we see in our mind when we are reading. Particularly when we are reading books without any pictures.

We read a paragraph from Matilda describing Matilda’s dad, Mr Wormwood, and drew what picture we had of him in our mind. Afterwards, we discussed how our images were all different and why that was the case.

Over the week we talked about how:

  • Readers create images before and during reading.
  • Images are created from the reader’s schema and words in the text
  • Everyone’s schema is different so their mental images are diferent. Or as Hudson said, “We all have different lives!”
  • Readers are influenced by the shared image of others. For example some of the children drew Mr Wormwood without checkers because they didn’t know what it meant. Once they saw others’ pictures they incorporated that into their image of Mr Wormwood
  • Images are fluid – they change to incorporate new information as we read. Harry explained it well when he said how a picture story book can only focus on part part of the text, however our mental images can include all the parts and detail that we are given in the words. Like a movie
  • Visualising the story can help us to understand it better


5s – Prep

3s and 4s Nursery School – Early learning


Our French program provides continuity between school years, consolidating language development, and increasing French awareness gradually. It is designed to meet the needs of students new to the language and of those who have a background in it. Newcomers are not threatened. Neither will native speakers be bored. An enjoyable selection of classroom activities reinforces the learning process and keeps the interest of the children. The the 8/9s & 10/11s work alongside the Accelerated Integrated Method. Following is a selection of this work.


Please visit our gallery for a selection of school art here