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Chong Lim Visits Music 101

By February 21, 2014 Blogs, Music Media Art Drama

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By Karoline Kuti

Chong Lim Visits Preshil
Music Industry 101 Activity Program
In the music industry elective this week the amazing Chong Lim came to visit. Chong came to tell us all about how he came to being a huge part of the Australian music industry. Chong showed us some of his work, such as the music for the 2000 Olympic Games, being MD for Kylie Minogue, MD for John Farnham, and much more. He explained that being brave, willing to try anything and have an easy going manner have been key elements of his success. As Jan said, “Chong is Australian Music Royalty.” We were so lucky to be able to have Chong come in and spend time with us and answer all our questions!
Chong Lim

More technology suggestions to inspire and help.
1. Figure – if you have ever wanted to dabble in song writing, this is the app for you. Create a 3 track song with ease.
2. Loopy HD – is a serious looping app and heaps of fun!
Memorising – This weeks practice tip encourages you to memorise your song. Being able to memorise your pieces is a valuable skill and also allows you to freedom and confidence in performance.


Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

The Melbourne Chamber Orchestra is a dynamic group of Melbourne’s finest musicians. Founded in 1990, this ensemble prides itself on being an orchestra of all Victorians, using their size and agility to delight audiences outside central Melbourne. If you are looking for inspiration why not go to a concert. Check out the website

Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM)

The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is dedicated to the artistic and professional development of the country’s most exceptional young musicians. ANAM’s vision is to develop the country’s future music leaders, distinguished by their artistic skill, imagination, courage, and their contribution to a vibrant Australian music culture. There are many free concerts throughout the year, log onto the ANAM website here for further information.

Victorian College of the Arts

The VCA has recently announced an exciting new program for 15 – 20 year olds – the VCA Music Theatre Studio. Held on Saturdays from 15 March, this program offers high-quality triple-threat training for young adults passionate about Music Theatre, designed by the Music Theatre staff here at the VCA and modelled on the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre) curriculum.

We are now accepting registrations for auditions, which will be held on Saturday 1 March. The ideal candidate will have some prior experience with either singing, dancing or acting, but the selectors will be looking for potential as much as pre-existing training. Full details can be found on our website here.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

With a reputation for excellence, versatility and innovation the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra boasts diverse programming to offer the people of Melbourne a wide variety of music. From the Lord of the Rings to Beethoven and Dvorak, the MSO cater for all tastes. Support Melbourne’s oldest orchestra while being inspired and go along to a concert. Check out the website

Music Industry 101 Activity Program
This week in the Music Industry elective Damian Slevison from Liberation Music came to speak about how to get a recording deal. He is the A and R (Artist and Repertoire) representative of Liberation, which he explained means that he is responsible for finding new music and signing new artists. He gave us lots of tips about how to get music out into the world through websites, radio and gigs. Importantly though, he told us how not to get ripped off when singing a recording deal! He impressed upon all of us to go and see bands, listen to new music and to perform as much as possible. Damian’s passion and drive for music were inspirational for everyone but particularly for those who would like to get involved in the music industry but don’t learn an instrument.

Over the weekend of May 10 – 12 Rod Waterman was invited to perform, guest lecture and conduct at the Early Music Society and Sydney Society Recorder Player’s 20th Anniversary Bundanoon Festival Workshop. He travelled to Bundanoon in New South Wales to take part in the workshop. What a treat!

More technology suggestions to inspire and help.
1. Sound Cloud – if you have ever wondered where you can find new music, this is it. Check it out and listen to new and innovative music.
2. PolyFauna – If you find yourself drawing while listening to music then this app is for you. Add to your favourite song by drawing in new sounds and beats. The challenge is to find the red square to be able to change the music.

Use a mirror – This weeks practice tip encourages you to use a mirror. Watch yourself play to make sure you use your body in the most effective way to avoid injury.

This year, Preshil joined in the fun of the Live Music Is Good For You Festival. Five groups – Flying for a Prize Choir, Pavement Choir, Little Talks Group, Soul Donkey Band and Strings Attached – made up of 44 musicians travelled into the Royal Melbourne Hospital to perform for patients, doctors, nurses, the general public, other schools and parents. The children behaved impeccably, performed with passion, listened respectfully, encouraged others energetically and were an absolute delight.

Many beautiful comments were received for the wonderful performances heard throughout the day, such as, “You’re music helps to heal me,” and, “Hearing these children sing is like having angels in my heart.”

Preshil’s involvement in the event would not have been possible without the help of many. A big thank you to Ann and Judy in the office for their help to organize the logistics, a big thank you to the parents (Charlotte Harrison, Georgie Govenlock, Lisa Moyle, Tahlee Campese, Eva Lee, Claudia Margach) who came to supervise and drive the children and a big thank you to the teachers (Atilla Kuti, Michelle Berner, Ilona von Moller and Jared Boyle) who rehearsed the students and performed with them.
I am extremely proud of every student involved.

Music Industry 101 Activity Program
This week in the Music Industry 101 elective, we visited Jan Skubiszewski’s recording studio. Jan, part of the band Way of the Eagle and the Jackson Jackson’s, has produced many well known bands, recording their albums, including The Cat Empire, Illy, Bliss n Eso, The John Butler Trio and this week, Danny Ross from the Voice.

We were incredibly privileged to be the first to listen to a song that he is currently working on for Danny. Jan explained how the musical puzzle is put together by showing us how he records each instrument, what he is looking for in the sound and how it will be mixed.

We were all very inspired to meet the singer/song writer Danny Ross and have the opportunity to ask him questions. Our session with Jan included hearing about what it means to be a recording engineer and producer, as well as how a singer/song writer gets their music ready to record. What an amazing double bill for us!!

Ann Collacott and Judy O’Donnell
Ann Collacott, at Arlington, and Judy O’Donnell, at Blackhall Kalimna, both play a vital role in keeping our music school operating. They provide wonderful support for our music staff, helping them to sort out practice rooms, student lists, notifying them of excursions and helping them in any way that they can.

Judy and Ann also support students and parents through taking new enrollments, answering questions and, as they both love music, attending concerts when they can.

Judy and Ann come with a wealth of experience and not only help our music, they do it with a smile! Their enthusiasm, expertise and organizational skills are very much appreciated by all the music teaching staff.

Next time you are in the office of Arlington or Blackhall Kalimna, why not remind Judy and Ann of how much we appreciate what they both do for us all with a big thank you!

More technology suggestions to inspire and help.
1. Isle of Tune– is a wonderful app to create a melody with. Use cars, trees, shrubs and lampposts to create the melody of your dreams!

2. MSO Learn– if you have ever wanted to know more about the symphony orchestra this app is for you. Check out the instruments, listen to the musicians speak and find out what being part of a symphony orchestra is like.

Be Positive – This weeks practice tip encourages you to be kind to yourself and be positive. Before you start working on tricky sections, remind yourself of the things you do well. Play an easier piece or passage to feel the skills you have and remind yourself of why you persevere. Be kind to yourself and give yourself praise when you can. Give it a go, it may help!

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