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Sustainability Project

By November 28, 2013 Blogs, Sustainability

We are a new Aussi Vic Sustainable School, embarking on the core module. We have engaged an energy auditor to give us a roadmap for reducing our energy usage and cost. We will use the $10,000 grant money to respond to recommendations made. We also hope to use some funding to improve our waste wise practices. Most importantly we want to infuse our curriculum and school culture with a sense of connection and excitement about sustainability at Preshil.

At Preshil we are committed to taking on the challenge of being responsible for our environment.

  • We value creative thinkers and want to promote creative solutions to living sustainably.
  • We live within our means by reducing our human footprint by reducing, repairing, reusing, recycling and refusing.
  • We understanding the interconnectivity of living things and ensure that we are actively engaging with our environment.
  • We think mindfully about how we interact with the environment.
  • We understand that as an individual we can make a difference to wider community.

Declaration of Commitment
As part of Preshil, Arlington and Blakhall/Kalimna Campuses environmental commitment we will endeavour to practice and promote energy efficiency, reduction of water usage, increase biodiversity in the school gardens and encourage the wider school community practice in sustainability.

We checked the light, heaters, photocopiers etc in an energy audit with Mark from a company called ‘Planet Savers’ here are some photos.

Kitchen Garden Project

Below you can see Hugo cooking “hothouse eggs” from Roald Dahls revolting recipes. Cilla and Matthew are de-seeing tomatoes onto kitchen paper to plant in the greenhouse. Acorn and Louis are re-stocking seedling trays. Snails were re-housed, oregano and basil are sprouting, whilst the hot-house eggs are cooking! YUM!